Go Darke

Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it

My week in photos


Going out to #$%& some @#$* up!!!
… or you know, walk the dogs.
The Acacia tree near my house in full bloom
Just chillin’, eating my fruit
Have my last piece comfy pillow dog
Some (cool) seed pods I found.


  1. erroneouschoices


    Such a calm sensitive bad ass

  2. erroneouschoices


    Is bad ass one word or two 🤔

    1. Jo


      Um… I’m not sure. I think one word.

      My ass is actually not bad at the moment. Not crack a walnut between my bum-cheeks good… but… probably above average. Calves and hamstrings also petty good. Been doing a lot of dead-lifts and squats because I haven’t been allowed to run.

      1. erroneouschoices


        I thought bad-ass was a personality or an action adjective 🤔
        Well look at all the things I don’t know 😂
        I chose to hyphenate it

      2. Jo


        I know. I just chose to read it literally…. because I’m embarrassed that you think I’m hardcore. (I’m really not) And so I deflected your compliment. But thank you. 😉

      3. erroneouschoices


        I know you are. Attached to sensitivity and very zen like 😛

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