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V for recovery

In our household we clearly delineate our finances. All our stock ‘investments’ are under my wives profile. While all our ‘trading’ and more speculative endeavors are in my name. Assets that are more ‘fixed’ in nature, like our apartment we put into an investment company in which we are both equal shareholders.

The reason for this is broadly some form of risk management. As an entrepreneur I had to sign surety and personal liability to cover the overdrafts on my companies. That, and statistically my wife has a longer life expectancy than me (because shes a girl… but also because I am stupid), and therefore it makes sense to have her carry the longer term investments.

Having had a serious brush with death (before my first daughter turned one) has underscored to me that we can kick off and go towards the light sooner than we might like. (I had Pulmonary embolism in my elbow, probably a Jiu-jitsu injury, that then shotgunned into my lungs). In any event death, besides being incredibly inconvenient for those around you, is also an administration nightmare. I’d like my passing to be an easy exercise to wrap up. (HAVE A WILL!)

In any event. This morning I was feeling both smug. And not so smug. Listed property got eviscerated in the early stages of the pandemic. The OMG nobody is going work in a corporate cubicle or pay rent EVER AGAIN mindset.

Like the good-fiscal preppers we are we keep cash on hand for the crashes and buying opportunities. We took the money in my wives cookie jar and ploughed it into a broad(ish) property index. Well, I actually trickle fed it in over the course of about three weeks. Its doing really well. And probably will continue to recover nicely over the next couple of years.

My own cookie jar money I kept to one side… while there was stuff out there that I liked… I wasn’t convinced by this (in my mind at least) insane V-shaped recovery.

Of course now I’m thinking, ‘damn, did I just miss the boat?’ Was I being too conservative in keeping my powder dry? Gah! This makes absolutely no sense.

The world economy is completely @#%&ed. The airline industry has had its guts ripped out and is crawling down the tarmac calling out for a medic. No one is travelling anywhere. Unemployment is off the chart. (in the US literally off the chart)… and the worlds Stock markets are, to abuse the meme…

I don’t get it. I really don’t.

Maybe someone will make a movie (starring Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell and Margo Robbie naked in a bathtub) to explain it all to me.

I suppose because we are rational pattern recognizing human beings we expect things to line up in certain ways, and when they don’t, it causes us a great deal of consternation. In a way the financial crisis of ’08/09 made more sense to me. I sorta understood that the banks had screwed everybody over and that there were repercussions for this sort of behavior. (not actually consequences for the people involved… but for the rest of us I mean)

This time round I have no idea whats going on. Of course, once I do understanding it all I’ll go back and edit this post, to say either, I told you so, it was all insanity. Or… well… whatever the reason turns out to be. Maybe aliens. Aliens is always a good fall back option. (I’m like Fox Mulder that way)



  1. theceaselessreaderwrites


    Thanks for this, Jo! You and I have something in common. I had pulmonary embolisms in my lung in 2001. I walked around all summer with excruciating pain in my back thinking I had pulled a muscle. On 9/10/01, my Dad saw me pass out; it hurt so much to breathe that I couldn’t. He took me to the hospital. I woke up to images of the Twin Towers coming down and spent the rest of the week in the hospital then 3 months on painkillers and moving from my bed to an easy chair and back to bed. My financial advisor advised me I need to do a will. I really should get on that.

    1. Jo


      Wow. Pulmonary Embolism and 9/11! Any idea what caused yours?

      I remember my arm had gone all red and was really throbbing… I’d climbed into the roof to fix some wiring or something, came out of the crawlspace and couldn’t breathe. It was two days before Christmas, went to the doc (my regular doc was on holiday already), gave me something for the flu and sent me home. Next day I went back and asked him to book me into hospital. Went for an MRI and I remember the technician looking at my scan and gritting her teeth. Lol. ‘Is it bad?’ I ask her, ‘Yeah, its pretty bad’.

      I was on blood thinners for about a year I think. Awful stuff.

      1. theceaselessreaderwrites


        My oncologist eventually diagnosed me with an autoimmune disorder called Lupus Anticoagulant Factor and said that’s what caused mine. It’s a rare hereditary condition that can manifest at any time in life and that could, theoretically, at some point disappear as mysteriously as it came. I’ve been on blood thinners ever since and get tested twice a year to see if it has gone away. It hasn’t. Today’s blood thinners are better than the older ones, but I do have a tendency to bruise easily now. Falling off that ladder last weekend really sucked because of the bruising.

        It sounds like you had a similar reaction to mine when the technician told me I had clots in my lungs. I said, “Oh good, at least it isn’t anything serious.” The tech actually stared at me gape-mouthed, and my Mom burst into tears then told me how serious it was.

      2. Jo


        That is quite a thing. You’re right though, I remember my doctor discussing the blood thinners with me, ‘You can have the rat-poison… or we can try you on this new stuff’. I was like… yeah, I’ll take the newer stuff thank you.

        In any event, I’m glad you’ve made it thus far. Although I’m penciling you into my phonebook. No ink entry for you buddy. Hah ha.

      3. theceaselessreaderwrites


        Ha ha ha! Yeah, I was on the rat poison for years. What sucked the most about it was that I had to go in monthly for blood draws and occasional dosage changes. The nice thing about it was it didn’t make me bruise as easily as Xarelto does.

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