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Hey Siri, do all lives matter?  

‘All Lives Matter’ is often used in response to the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter,’ but it does not represent the same concerns.

Um… thats not really what I asked you.

I’ve been wary of entering into a position on Black lives matter. Because… well, these are not times to have an opinion, venture into debate or enter into soliloquy. (what if you’re wrong) It reminds me a bit of those frenetic times after 9/11. You were either for retribution and invasion or you weren’t a patriot. I don’t really want to have my life ruined for expressing my thoughts on the current preoccupation into any sort of public sphere. (Of course I don’t like being told what to do… and so will now haul out and dust off the soap-box)

Just to be clear I have never used the term ‘All lives matter’ because I know that is completely inconsistent with how we live our daily lives. All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. (yes, I realize I’ve been overdoing the Orwell lately)

Let’s take, for example, our glorious tech companies that now moralize to us through their devices. Those companies that will happily do business with the most repressive regimes on the planet. Our esteemed sportswear companies whose attire we don, stitched together in factories we wouldn’t let our battery chickens inhabit. Our coffee we buy, sourced in bulk from totalitarian jungle enclaves. Our search engines that censor certain results from citizens of certain countries because their governments wouldn’t like it.

So… really, tacitly we all agree not all lives share equal concern. Through our consumerism we vote on these issues every single moment we are alive… so spare me your sanctimonious bullshit.

Of course I don’t really want to spend $2000 on an ethically component sourced iPhone built in a factory in Cupertino. So as long as their ’employees’ (in far away places) do their seventy hour weeks where I don’t have to look at them… I’m okay with that.

We are living in a dystopian hellhole of a world, well not me, I have quite a good life… I mean I sometimes moan about traffic and having to wait in a queue for coffee (whose beans I actually don’t know the provenance of). The chick in front of me (earlier) was ordering a metric-fuck-tonne of Freezochinos. Seriously, those people should have their own queue… preferably round back… where they are first made to walk barefoot over broken glass.

Hm… what was I waffling on about again? *slurps his coffee* (out his reusable bamboo cup, I am not a planet destroying savage). ((I also didn’t tip the baristas today… because I almost never have cash on me lately.))

Oh right Black lives. And they definitely do matter. I mean we can argue about semantics or adjectives or privilege or reparations or institutional racism.

The fact is that a some people are feeling aggrieved and we should listen to them. Convince me that I need to change the system that I kind pretend to hate, but don’t actually do anything concrete towards making it different. I should be totally honest, I don’t really do anything without some form of incentive. I’m very economics 101 like that. I’m also an atheist so I can’t be swayed by rewards in heaven for good behaviour here on earth (seriously, Atheists are the worst!)

I mean actual currency would be nice… but social currency probably also works. If my racist uncle were truly afraid that he would lose social standing every time he mouthed off how the non-whites are ruining everything (as I understand it they ruin stuff just by breathing) I wonder if he would eventually modulate his behaviour? While I don’t speak to him at all, he is not a pariah in our extended family or in his community at all. (in fact I am given uphill when I refused to go to his 80th birthday party recently)

We are quite cliquey us whiteys. Which in of itself is quite interesting. Anthropologically speaking I mean. To be fair I don’t actually know if this happens in other phenotype groups? I have no experience as a fly-on-the-wall in other ethnicities. My gut feel is that it probably is there, but not quite as strong and entrenched. But I could be wrong… I just tend to assume everyone else is morally superior to us.

So where do I actually stand on all of this? Eh… truthfully and without satire, off to one side. Preferably in the shade. I mean I’d love to talk about it. But not when theres a chance I’ll catch half-a-cinder-block to the head. Or a rubber bullet to the orbital socket. Metaphorically speaking I mean. Actually leaving my abode to mix with the proletariat isn’t my thing. Also I’ve become super germ phobic. I haven’t seen anyone sanitize their battlefield weaponry. Seriously gross!

In any event whoever comes out on top, know that I was with your guys all along.

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

John F Kennedy. Or Dante.


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