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I don’t really rate the occasional spark of joy ratio to the herculean effort it requires to mindlessly grind your way through social media very highly. Seems like an extraordinary inefficient process. And, let’s be honest, most of the time you just end up hating your friends and the authors/content creators you once admired. Although I do believe there is some catharsis in reaffirming, on a daily basis, that everyone else out there is completely and utterly idiotic. (I also feel I am the only person who can drive properly)

Sometimes you learn something new though…

Although, maybe learning something new is a bit of a misnomer. Since I think I knew this before… and was just reminded of it once more in a manner that made me lean back (somewhat precariously in my swivel chair) and go ‘oh yeah, what about that…’.

I’m not really a fan of cancel culture. And while I like statues (as long as they are of me… and/or dogs) I’m pretty sure we could do something more profound and architecturally interesting with our communal spaces.

Here in South Africa we like to get really angry about colonialist statues. (I use the term ‘we’ quite liberally here). In recent times it was Cecil John Rhodes (of the famous Rhodes scholarship) who invoked the ire of some for gracing the grounds of the University of Cape Town, among other places. (Interestingly in the 1950’s is was Afrikaans students who called for its removal because he was a British Imperialist).

Statues of Shaka Zulu are totally fine though. A violent imperialist in his own right.

Which makes ZERO sense to me.

Ours is not to make reply, not to reason why…

With apologies to Lord Alfred Tennyson. Whom I’m sure, having lived pre-1900 probably said something deemed worthy of cancellation.

In any event. Should religion get a pass in these climes? If I cared about such things I would say no. But we live in strange times (probably just as strange as any other time… except the 90’s which were, as far as I can tell, the pinnacle of our civilisation). Also I am loathed to mention the religion in question, as is the author of the tweet, Douglas Murray, because… well… who needs that sort of aggravation in the their lives. Not me certainly.

In any event. I am off to got chop down a massive Bougainvillea in my garden now… which I am dreading. Bougainvilleas are the worst!!! One inch thorns and a resistant attitude to being kempt. Hm. Doesn’t look like wordpress thinks kempt is a real word. Although unkempt is not underlined in red and therefore totally fine.

Another thing that makes no sense.


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