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The Last of us

I love Naughty Dog games. For years Unchartered 2 : Among thieves was one of my all time favorite games. It was a masterful storytelling experience and I grew exceptionally fond of the all characters… in fact I was deeply concerned that Chloe (in my opinion one of the greatest female protagonists in adventure games) would be tragically killed off during my play-through.

My favorite morally grey, beer drinking Aussie

I would have been inconsolable! Fortunately everyone made it through the sequel. And would live to… eh… kill hundreds of people in follow up instalments. But you know… they were all baddies. The people we maimed and killed I mean :-/

Enter stage left Last of Us 2.

I should probably mention right off the bat where I stand on Last of Us 2. I LOVE IT. That way if you fall into the other rage filled fan-boy camp who have been bashing it online… well… we probably can’t be friends. (Similarly to the way we probably can’t be friends if you love the new Star Wars trilogy) [Yes, I am aware of this overly pedantic stance and am choosing to ignore it] De gustibus non est disputandum, motherfucker.


I haven’t finished it yet. But I have crossed the twelve hour mark, which is apparently one of the… I don’t want to call it a twist. Even though I’ve been religiously guarding against spoilers online… the reveal was not entirely unexpected… BUT, what happens next totally was (for me anyway). The dogs thing REALLY tugged at my heartstrings! (OMG)

It is insanely masterful to have a game manipulate your emotions like this and I lay in bed last night thinking about all Ellies actions I had played and given form to since the game was released on Friday.

Me and Ellie are basically simpatico. She is a gun-toting, marijuana smoking lesbian. AND I AM… eh… a gun-toting, marijuana smoking lesbian. I obviously feel a deep sense of kinship with her and her quest.

Of course by the twelve hour mark this has all been tossed on its head and I am feeling deeply conflicted about the whole thing. Ha ha. Truly brilliant!!

Ellie playing an acoustic version of A-HA’s Take on me. (they do the original right?) In any event, sooooo good!!!

As for all the supposed political correctness and wokeness people are upset about… in all honesty… I haven’t noticed at all. I mean I was dimly aware that ‘team Jackson’ is a white lesbian, a Jewish bisexual and an asian guy. BUT… if I wasn’t aware of the background noise online about this… I sincerely doubt I would have noticed. Besides this sounds like my Friday night D&D group.

For some reason I think of Life is Strange 2. (jeez, the blog post about sequels) and their… stab at shoving political correctness and messaging down your throat. Its a game I really wanted to love (since I loved the original sooooooo much) but I just couldn’t click with the characters and their ham-fisted approach to some stuff was just… it just felt forced (and to be honest, stupid).

In any event, in a world that has to be partisan about everything I didn’t want to sit on the fence about the Last of Us series, I think its been awesome thus far…. although if something massively unexpected happens when I finish the game (some time this week) I reserve the right to change my mind. About everything.


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