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Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it

Fundamental Joeyism

Got Fight?

Joey is head-phoned and unergonomically reclined, Macbook wedged between his knees and burgeoning midsection…. trying to slurp scalding coffee from his mug and dribbling all over himself. I’m waiting for my wife to walk by, so I can click my fingers at her and then point to the object of my desire… the playstation controller, which is… well, I’d have to get up… and the rough, back of my cranium calculations have deduced the calorific requirement for such an endeavour is currently not in our scope of possibility.

Earlier… when I was feeling inspired. Eh… well, the four year old had just proclaimed that she was ‘never’ going to go to sleep… so I had time to kill. I downloaded one of those apps that analysizes your credit card transactions. And then, I presume, makes some sort of considered recommendations about how you can increase your austerity so you can afford the exchange traded fund its going to pitch you. I haven’t gotten that far yet, but I’m excited (to be propositioned on a Friday night)

If your transaction history is a window into tour soul, mine is particularly… either damning or dull, I can’t decide. Apparently all I spend my money on is books, grande cappuccinos and Uber-Eats. I mention books first so that the total that is summed by my caffeinated beverage purchases seems less horrific. Also ‘books’ includes comics… so really. *shrugs*

Also this…

Which must be the least cerebral book I have EVER read. Ha ha. But it’s actually really funny (in a crass, misogynistic completely un-pc way). I’ve laughed out loud a couple of time now. Is it still okay to laugh at this sort of stuff?

I rolled with Forrest Griffen a couple of times. Back in nam. He crushed me like a bug (in case you’re wondering). I’ve always liked him though and followed his career. We are both light heavy weights (at 205), both six three, both have exactly the same reach at 77 inches. I found him super affable in real life. His book makes him seem… a bit douche baggy. I’m wondering now, if I’ve embellished my memories of him. Maybe he wasn’t as nice as I remember… I was eating a solid diet of blunt force trauma at the time… so anything is possible.

Rolling with Forrest Griffen, Rory Singer and Matt Thornton is my little Mixed-martial-arts claim to fame.

Its a super niche read though.

I did like this though… (Cbf to write it out now, so I’ll just screen-shot it)

I’ve always been of the mind that if I was fighting Daniel-san… I would have totally swept the leg. Ha ha. No one would have had to put me up to it.

If faced with the choice of a straight up Queensbury rules bout or murdering my adversary in their sleep… I am always likely to choose the latter.

Despite his Lego mini-figure, Joey is not a paladin.


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