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Fundamental Joeyism


I’m multi-tasking, watching Shaun the Sheep. It’s the episode where the farmer needs to go out because the milk for his morning cuppa has gone off.

I feel a great kinship with the farmer. We are both broadly useless individuals, but we endeavor… to well… endeavor.

Although to be fair, yesterday I fixed our dishwasher. Which unlocked a rare achievement award in the character sheet of the Jo.

I am briefly tempted to embellish this foray into the murky, exposed butt-crack world of appliance repair. But it was just a fuse. Still, this meant having to take things apart… which left me with (in my mind at least) a scary amount of screws and only a dim idea how to put it all back together again. Still… on the second time round we prevailed. Heroically some might say.

The dishwasher feels like our most critical (non-fiber) technology. Without which we* would have to don marigolds and manipulate crockery with soap and brushes. How medieval.

*I use the term ‘we’ quite loosely. Thats not to say I won’t wash dishes… but lets just say my enthusiasm for this enterprise would likely be sporadic.

In other news I dropped the toddler off the jungle gym at the bike park this morning. Well… really she dropped herself, but I wasn’t quick enough off the mark to facilitate an intervention. She blocked the planet with her face and ended up with a double blood nose. Both our kids first bloodied injury have now occurred on my watch. Another dubious achievement award.

I guess I will take what I can get though. Its not like my trophy cabinet is overflowing anyway…


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