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Cool Hunting


What did you do today? I went grocery shopping. (like a good house-husband) Covid has emptied the aisles of coffin-dodgers… so on the whole it was quite a pleasant and efficient experience. I bought a box (12 huge avocados) for… (does a quick back of the cranium conversion into a real non-monopoly currency) so like… $3.67 in USD… I want to say including tax… but I don’t think we pay tax on fruit and veg here. Do we? (I feel like I should know these things, having a degree in finance) In any event…

*Joey does the Snoopy-dance of happiness*

I mention this because I like to use these moments of ‘success’ as a benchmark, you know, to gauge whether I’m winning at life. (to be measured in free-range chicken and the girth of your coupon stack) Of course there are those among us who feel the need to overachieve and do absolutely amazing things that put us (mere) mortals to shame…

Like these guys. Not very ‘equal-outcomes’ sort of people.

Mountaineers impress me. For several reasons… but mostly because I am inclined to believe that 8C (46F) is unreasonably cold. People who can endure temperatures south of this have a god like quality about them that I find deeply enviable.

Also… while I never used to think I was afraid of heights the glass floor in CN Tower made me pause and consider if that was actually true (as I willed myself to step off the seam). In my defence there was also this little punk jumping up and down on the pane we shared… which… well… I had also never really considered murdering children before… but I think I got fairly close to the edge of that particular abyss.

Perhaps most importantly I really suck at this particular endeavour. I once dated a girl who was into quickdraws, Cams and carabiners. And so… I want to say something that makes me sound less shallow here… but really I just wanted to see her naked and so her interests became my interests. Belay on.

I am not built for clinging to a rock-face by my fingertips. I have likely mentioned this before, but my ancestral proclivities are stabbing the Wooly mammoth with the pointy stick/sharp rock and being able to ‘walk it off’ after getting trampled (by said agitated pachyderm). Hauling my heavy carcass up a cliff… is definitely not in my skillset range. Mountains should be ascended by ski-lifts… and descended by bicycle. Imo anyway.

This movie is amazing though. To see what some of us are capable of in some of the remotest, prettiest places on earth. Highly recommended. If you don’t mind feeling like a failure afterwards. Personally I’ve long since compartmentalized those feelings of inadequacy and tucked them up behind some old drapes and dusty cardboard boxes in the deepest darkest corner of my mind. Also a highly recommended undertaking.


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