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I watched Greyhound last night. I wasn’t expecting much… it is after all a Tom Hanks movie… and they always seem (to me at least) so very middling. Perhaps I am being unkind…

In any event I wasn’t feeling very cerebral (and I’m between PS4 games, Ghost of Tsushima releases Friday) and this seemed quite mindless. I’d seen the trailer about a month ago and remember thinking, ‘wow, this looks like a hot pile of steaming garbage’…

… and really, whoever spliced this trailer together should be strapped to a depth-charge and launched with vehemence into the icy cold North Atlantic.

After the first 30 minutes I was thoroughly hooked. In fact the first 30 minutes are brilliant! Okay… minutes 6 through to about thirty. I don’t think the movie need 6 minutes of ‘love interest’… although without which the movie would have been completely devoid of female characters.

Admittedly all Tom Hank’s character says during the movie is ‘RIGHT HARD RUDDER!’ But therein lies the movies beauty and simplicity. Okay, sometimes he makes left turns too.

After the 30 minute mark there is some deep Hollywoodification of German Uboats which become weirdly suicidal right up until the end. But I didn’t really mind. Which is REALLY odd for me. Usually this sort of stuff really irritates me *cough* Fury *cough*

Let’s be honest I am very difficult to please. Especially when it comes to submarine warfare. (I think Das Boot is one of the most masterful movies ever made)

This is not to say I don’t take exception to some of the stuff happening in this movie. For a first time convoy captain crossing the North Atlantic Tom Hanks has an amazing and decisive skillset. And I couldn’t help thinking that that those cute Torpedo… what would one call them… bubble trails… while not a historian I’m almost sure that Wolfpack would have been using at least G7e/T2 torpedos by now which don’t leave tell-tale bubble trails.

That and all the German Uboat skippers are (of course) deeply kamikaze. And while I am of the opinion that all submariners (especially from that era) were deeply insane… they weren’t stupid… and certainly not the noobs they are portrayed to be.

This is one of those movies… that maybe one day I might consider less fondly. But at the moment, I have enough goodwill and general cheerfulness to give it a thumbs up.

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