Go Darke

Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it


Ghost of Tsushima

If I go quiet… know that its because I’m dead. Or heavily indented into my sofa with a playstation controller grip-locked in my hand… I’ve probably forgotten to eat… and might only be dimly aware that the sun is coming up outside…

Into the spooky forest we go…

Of course I don’t have the… constitution ‘stats’ to pull off stunts like this anymore without consequence. So I’m feeling it today, deep within my twitch-fiber.

Not that I regret anything! I have been living my best life. Which is (apparently) getting my samurai-ninja fantasy on… writing Haiku

Whispers through the trees
Swaying freely in the wind
Growing ever strong

And soaking my battle weary body in ‘pretend’ Onsens

Hot, hot… hot, hot, hot.

And also putting lots (and lots) of Mongols to the sword.

I mean if you’re going to tick off things on your check list for a life-well-lived, you could do worse.

Of course in real life after just having chopped, disembowelled and showered in the blood of my enemies… I probably wouldn’t necessarily be in the right mind frame to sit under the boughs of a Japanese Maple and pen some verse about the falling leaves…

Well… I’m making assumptions here, having never never (as far as I know) sent anyone off into the great unknown… I imagine eventually, once you reach some sort of murder event horizon the compartmentalisation becomes easier…

*tries to think of the worst thing he’s ever done to another human being. Hmmm. I snapped this guys Achilles tendons off during a grappling match. He had me in choke and I had him in a leg-lock… he thought I would tap and I thought he would tap… all of a sudden I hear, BA! BA! BA!… as his tendons ripped off the bone. Still gives me the heebie-jeebies thinking about it. So sticking a sword into someone and twisting it… yeah… I’m clearly not as manly as I imagine.

In any event, know that I’ve been having fun. I’ve put the trauma of The Last of Us 2 behind me and have zero fear that half way through the game I’m going to be playing a Mongol… with an emasculating physique… killing my former team-mates with extreme prejudice… with a claw hammer… after saving a trans-kid and his sister… who then dies… but for whom I display this weird sense of loyalty… god this game got complicated.

Mongols invade. Mongols bad. So much less so.

A golden temple
Submerged deep in nature's shade
Ever unbending

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