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Fundamental Joeyism

Minimalism revisited

I’ve never really considered myself a hoarder of ‘stuff’. Well… except books and music (CDs and Vinyl), oh and LEGO. I have a metric-fuck-tonne of LEGO. BUT, other than that… I’m basically a minimalist.

Ha ha.

I like to compare myself to my friend who still has (literally) a closet filled with VHS tapes. Hours of Buffy the Vampire slayer recorded for posterity and old (grainy) bootleg copies of Debbie does Dallas. When juxtaposing myself with that deep level of psychosis I feel almost zen like in my abdication of material things.

Staring down the barrel of moving countries in the next year has highlighted our… eh… accumulation of extraneous crap, that, I suppose, is a fairly common malfeasance among us modern Sapiens.

In any event. This needs to change. And, to our credit, we (but really I mostly mean my better half) has been quite ruthless with our worldly possessions. Mostly I just sit out the sofa, clutching my Playstation controller (like Chartlon Heston might clutch his rifle at an NRA convention*) and then nod my assent as a procession of things get paraded past me.

*’from my cold, dead hands’

It’s been amazingly therapeutic. I’ve watched those Youtube videos about people that give away their stuff and then have these liminal moments where they open themselves up to maxed out Zen-enema…

… and while its not been a mind-blowing Sphincter expanding experience… it has been quite nice.

It’s also been relatively easy. I had no idea there were hoards of people out there buying other peoples stuff.

To be fair we’ve priced to clear. We sold my (basically brand new) dishwasher (from the glorious epoch when Joey was a bachelor) this morning. Its been standing unloved in the garage for… (does some quick calculations) $57. Paid for in crumpled corona-notes, by someone who drove two hours to get to me.

I feel like a participant in the shadow economy.

Also taxation is theft.


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