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Basic Economics

A few lines of reasoning can change the way we see the world

-Steven E Landsburg

It’s the quote on the first page of my favorite books…

I know… I’m such a dork.

To be completely honest, I hate the subtitle… I think that was one of those things the publisher insisted on. (Just needed to get that off my chest, didn’t want to seem like a complete gushing fanboy)

Otherwise I think this book should be recommended reading for everyone on the planet.. its that amazing.

‘Jesus, Jo have you fallen off the crazy bus and hit your head?’

And the answer to that is, yes… probably, but that was ages ago. And really, probably more pressingly… where are my clothes? This chilly breeze is doing nothing for my (often) vaunted endowment. People are starting to stare.

While I can, and often do, opt out on expressing an opinion about or indeed trying to perform something as routine as colonoscopy on myself with a wire coat hanger (damn… I have no idea where that image just came from… but it was vivid!). I generally don’t, because, well, I have no expertise in this field. And… really, I don’t need this knowledge.

Economics is different. Every single one of us makes hundreds (if not thousands) of economic decisions every day.

While there are a couple of (slightly) varying definitions of economics, it is, in its most basic form, the study of scarcity! There are no infinite resource of anything… and every decision we make means we allocating some of our resources to achieve some sort of goal. (whether that be time or money or whatever)

On a grander scale (if we are ‘lucky’ enough to live on a part of the planet where we can vote for people that are to represent us) we are constantly assailed by people promising us all sorts of things in return for our endorsement of them. To paraphrase Mr Sowell.

‘We can choose to be informed, uninformed or misinformed’ about these matters.

In any event. Despite the book looking bland (and heavy enough to kill someone if dropped on them from a great height) it is completely devoid of, not only jargon but also, perhaps more importantly, the dreaded graph. Instead it’s gone with simplicity and examples.

This book will change your life.

Or your money back.

Just kidding. We already spent your money on corporate bailouts, foreign wars and funding our insane budget deficit.

Well, don’t cry about it. You voted for us, remember.


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