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Fundamental Joeyism

A question of antonyms

I’m excited. Some might say irrationally so. Its the start of a brand new week. I had left over steak for breakfast and I’m two double espressos in.

The FTSE and the DAX open in twenty minutes. In preparation for this auspicious happenstance I’m listening to Two steps from hell – Heart of courage at full volume on my Bose… pretend-conducting my imaginary orchestra with an index finger (as one would, when no one is watching). Its philharmonic cheese at its very finest. But it gets the juices flowing.

I am limbered up, my loins are girded and my nose is ready to be put to the grindstone.

I have no idea what any of those things actually mean. But vaguely I understand them to be idioms relating to toil and travail. All things I’m evoking in a purely fabricated sense… since all I will be doing for most of the morning is staring at charts… maybe shifting my weight from one bum-cheek to the other.

I am however not alone. I have my trusty German Shepherd by my side…

Who… eh… actually… she looks like a bit challenged in this picture. (Not unlike her owner). We make up for our cerebral deficiencies with enthusiasm and good cheer.

I don’t know why I’m excited. Monday morning openings are historically rubbish and directionless on the markets.

The worlds market makers and traders have to pull themselves together first. Its been a weekend of hard drinking, mistresses* and blow. To expect anything from the word ‘go’ is fiscal Pollyannaism. Also our monetary-overlords (the US) are still sleeping… the world doesn’t like to make big moves without Big Brother, unless there is some sort of sentiment already present.

* There is no antonym for mistress. Which is find weird. Wait… do I mean antonym or opposite. Damn… now I’m not sure. They might mean the same thing. If only I’d paid attention to Sister Mary-Joseph and her (often violent) intentions to infuse me with the Queens English. In any event. Do women not a get a word for a slice of meat (with a nipple on it) on the side? This seems quite sexist to me. Somebody should write to the committee that decides these sorts of things. You guys need a word. And maybe some action.

In any event. I should maybe draw some lines or something…

Its really as glamorous as it looks. On the plus side the FTSE bounced off the bottom of that yesterdays trend line. More or less at resistance. Which might mean something. Now the question is, do we wait for a re-test. Or are we shooting from the hip?

… I mean its cute that I ask myself these little questions. But shooting from the hip is kinda my thing.

To infinity and beyond.




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