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’tis the season

We had our first rain of the season. A paltry 5mm. Or… about a 1/4”. Which I realize isn’t a lot. But when you haven’t had rain for almost four months. 5mm is amazing. The dust and the pollen has settled somewhat and my sinuses are much happier about the environment in which they are forced to dwell in.

Downside is you start to find these guys in… surprising places. I remember turning once to find one perched on my shoulder. Ha ha. I’d like to say I was brave… but I think I tested the higher range of my vocal capabilities on that particular morning.

Colloquially known as Rain Spiders, they tend to find their way into your home before it rains. They’re harmless. Well… lets go with mostly harmless. Its like getting stung by a bee if they bite you. (sore for a bit, then red and itchy for a couple of days)

Transferred him into a mason jar and then tipped him out at the top of the garden. No Peter Parker moment for me today… which is a good thing… because let’s be honest, Peter Parker is lame and certainly NOT the superhero you want to emulate.

Well, imo.



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