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Fundamental Joeyism

Down with the sickness

‘I hope you get sick and die’. I must be honest, I’ve used this line before. She burst into tears and told me how she had almost died earlier that year in a car accident. I don’t think I was particularly sympathetic. She owed me lots of money. Well… she owed my company lots of money… and I’d been lied to for months and my patience (normally quite low anyway) was in serious deficit. I was lashing out, and in my mind at least, she deserved only vitriol. She never did pay me. Nor did her engineering shop go under. She just carried on, clinging to life… and I presume screwing people over.

I’d like to think I would never use that line now. Well… maybe I would. . Although maybe I’d apologize quicker afterwards

Of course now when people use this line on Messrs Trump and associates (who have now contracted the novel virus), I clamber onto my soapbox (so that I might have the moral high ground) and sermonize to all those within earshot as to why this is a bad thing.

I’m inclined to believe that Donald kicking the bucket at this stellar intersection wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing. Trumpism has, in the few short years that it’s been around metastasized much faster than anyone might have expected. And while not a big fan of… well… the electoral system… it is what it is, and it needs to be defeated there, at the polling station. It needs to be rejected by the majority of the citizenry, clearly and concisely.

Of course… it might not be rejected. (the opposition is… horrifically bad*) And Trumpism could be what people want. In which case… fair enough. But the champion needs to be there, in person to represent his ideology and not recently deceased and now some sort of imagined martyr about whom to rally around.

*still better than the incumbent imo.

In any event. I hope you get better soon Donald. Even if you are a wanker who will put his secret service and staff at risk. They definitely deserve better than you. And while I appreciate how it is that you came to be where you are… its time for you to go. Just… you know… not towards the light. Not just yet at any rate.