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The Social Dilemma.

I don’t have my phone on me (by blogging I’m choosing to refocus and banish my separation anxiety). If you supposed this is because I watched The Social Dilemma last night, you’d be veracious in your supposition. (Although maybe the title of this post might have given it away)

I recently re-installed Instagram on my phone, my only ‘social media’ app, but I have long since weaned myself off the other modern plagues (Twitter, Facebook etc).

I felt I needed at least one ‘medium’ where I could… well… stalk my exes. And also portray my perfectly curated and filtered life (incase my exes were inclined to stalk me back). Instagram ticks some very important psychological boxes for me.

Also, I turned off all notifications ages ago and I’ve seriously limited the number of apps on my phone.

So really, I’ve felt that I’ve mostly got a handle on my addiction. (Ha, ha)

The rest of y’all are completely #@&*$ though.

Still, despite all my protestations, the Social Dilemma freaked me out. I don’t normally watch the documentaries ‘of the moment’, because, well… I’m too ‘hipster’ for the trending discourses that occur around the water-cooler. (I still haven’t watched Tiger King). And I’ve been, if not an adherent then certainly a keen appreciator of Tristan Harris for ages now. (which makes me feel smug in a knowledgeable insider kinda way)

Also, if you still haven’t been convinced that Mark Zuckerberg is basically Satan (I spent an unreasonable amount of time thinking about whether Satan is capitalized or not), this film has definitely cemented this notion in my mind.

You know Facebook owns Instagram right Jo?

Yeah… I mean you gotta give the devil his due. And besides I have enough hubris to imagine that I can come out a head in any deal with Mephistopheles.

*queues up ‘the Devil went down to Georgia’ on Spotify*

(the Charlie Daniels Band version)

I think what affected me most was how that age category of ten to sixteen is influenced by social media. Something I’d never given any consideration.

I wasn’t always this cool. Ha ha ha ha. *snort*

But going through all that teenage angst with the added millstone of social media around your neck must be hell on earth. Kids can be vicious psychopaths. In the 90’s the tools to wage psychological warfare on each other was limited, but we could still bloody each other up. Now… it certainly feels like the gloves have come off.

How do you protect your sperm-ovum combo’s from that onslaught?

I mean they don’t even have Nirvana, Doc Martins and Flannel shirts to take solace in. Modernity is just awful.

On the plus side, we now have UberEats and Amazon. Which is basically the pinnacle of societal evolution. Seriously, the only thing that can make this better is a drone delivery of (pineapple and avocado topped) pizza directly to my couch. Although the constant hum of drones zipping over my domicile will undoubtedly make me yearn for the good old days when we had to… gather berries and hunt wooly mammoths.

The only glaring discordance I had with this film, and one that made me feel seriously uncomfortable throughout, is that Tristan Harris is a ginger! (I had only ever listened to audio of him before this) Which might invalidate the entire message of The Social Dilemma. Gingers are notoriously untrustworthy.

And also the eaters of souls.