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My Octopus Teacher

I’ve never really been a fan of ‘nature’ documentaries. I briefly consider why this would be. Maybe I’m a closeted Republican and I prefer my nature on a plate, or maybe, over the years, I’m concerned that I may have developed a psychological ‘kill-switch’ that could be triggered by hearing the melodic drone of David Attenborough. (which, lets be honest, is a reasonable perturbation )

Mostly I think it was an apocryphal story someone once told me about how ‘nature’ documentaries are actually ‘shot’… which has made me highly skeptical about the entire industry. After all, its all basically verbiage and propaganda so that we can’t drill for oil there? Or frack the bejesus out of some scenic route right?

Vaguely I wonder who the ‘we’ is that I’m referring to. Also, maybe I shouldn’t lead with satire right off the bat. I love nature. (But also grilled calamari with a slice of lemon).

Actually I think its because my parents dragged me through Africa as a child. When all I really wanted to do was play video games, watch GI Joe kicking Cobra in the face and maybe do some power-of-Greyskull larping with my friends. I hit my ‘level-cap’ on all things wild and natural early on. Having experienced it up close and personal… and also being gored by a big alpha baboon once… I’m kinda over it.

First off. I hate the title (what else is new?) And second… the narration takes some getting used to. Ha ha. Probably because I’m not used to anything being narrated by a South African. But he has a… weird drawl that is not… common, regional inflections and variations aside… Its not typical lets put it that way.

Other than that, this documentary is brilliant.

Like, (or maybe laike) truly brilliant hey.

Its one of those documentaries where the trailer doesn’t do it justice. So I’m disinclined to link it here. Queue it up on Netflix and watch the first 10 minutes. You’ll be hooked. (well… maybe).

This is a beautiful part of the world. In fact in might be my favorite. (Obviously there is some personal bias here). My folks have a place near to where this documentary was shot and I’ve free dived these exact same waters, bouldered these… eh… same boulders… and poked the same jelly fish. (albeit with a stick)

I also don’t wear a wet suit, and when he muses about how damn cold the water is, I can definitely appreciate the veracity of that statement! Getting in, literally, takes your breath away… but after a while… you don’t feel it anymore… and you start to crave that cold. Its a very weird addiction to have. (this is my little paragraph to make me seem cooler than I really am, ha ha)

Will this documentary make me more reticent to eat calamari tubes stuffed with spinach and feta going forward?

*Joey tilts his head back and gurgles*

Why do you tentacled aliens have to taste so damn delicious? If you were less scrumptious I wouldn’t feel so conflicted now. I am, after all, a psycho-murdering-omnivore… and its difficult to rage against your… inner… eh… je ne sais quoi. And no, I wouldn’t eat my dog.

*pokes his oatmeal listlessly with his spoon*

Gluten free oats I might add. I am not a savage.

Or maybe I am.

I’ll discuss it with my therapist tomorrow. Watch this movie though.




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