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Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it

Fundamental Joeyism

Southern latitudes

There comes a point in every hamster owners life (usually in the wee hours) when you come to regret giving them a wheel. You imagine, with their near constant nocturnal shenanigans that they would eventually exhaust themselves… you’d be on the wrong side of that assumption. Hamsters tap directly into the dark matter and draw their stamina from a power source (as yet) unimaginable to us monkeys.

Theres also a thunderstorm of some ferocity brewing out there. I’ve opened the curtains so as to catch the occasional glimpse of Thors (or I suppose Zeus, if thats the way you roll) handiwork streaking across the sky. Or you know it could also be an electrostatic discharge during which two electrically charged regions in the atmosphere equalize.

But let’s pretend it’s the old gods. And someone has angered them. As far as I know none of the Abrahamic deities were keen on lightning to smite those that displeased them. Their toolbox was more, floods and plagues. More area… eh… intensive than a specific and surgical strike. I mean each to their own. Who am I to question the methodology of the sky numen.

Also, while we are here and with no real way to segue into this, I’m a so freakin’ relieved that Joe pipped Donald to the post. Seriously, for a while there, things were looking… well… less than stellar. I don’t have a problem laying my cards face up. Joe, in my opinion, while probably a nice enough guy in real life, feels like a democratic party stooge and I’ve always found Kamala quite loathsome. BUT… Donald is a vile troglodyte, and given the crazy-gruesome circumstances that two party politics thrusts upon one, I always wanted young Joey to win.

I’m quite excited by the prospect of having someone else to complain about for the next four years.

Hopefully because the election was much tighter than the Democrats expected it to be they will see it as some sort of inditement of their… well in the very least tacit support of their kooky leftwing fringe… but… I’m not sure thats going to happen.

On the right side of the aisle… while I appreciate y’all largely voted for Trump because of the Democratic parties ‘tolerance’ of social justice, identity politics and because there is this (I have to say this) irrational fear of socialism*, Donald Trump… and largely the Republican establishment politicians (who have almost all become these craven toadies) are NOT your champions.

*this concern that socialism is going to bankrupt the United States… ha ha… do you not understand that you are already bankrupt? (and very likely under Joe to become more so)

The paragons we choose to lead and represent us are supposed to be honourable, virtuous and upright. Donald Trump was none of those things. And yes, you can take up the cry that neither is anyone else, and maybe I’m being unrealistically utopian and that Real-politik requires these… awful people at the top… I will never acquiesce to this kind of thinking.

In any event, interesting times ahead I’m sure.

On a personal note we are changing locations soon(ish)… well, within the next six months to a year. My wife and I have been discussing moving countries for a while now… we had narrowed it down to Atlantic Canada (somewhere near Halifax or maybe PEI) or maybe The Republic of Ireland (somewhere more rural than not).

With my old man dying on us so suddenly its scuppered those plans quite dramatically since I can’t leave my mom on her own.

Broadly speaking we want a life for our kids thats not urban sprawl and constant vigilance… but also with some sense of economic stability (in terms of the macro-economics of the country we are living in). South Africa doesn’t tick that last box no matter where you live… but… maybe we can compromise on some of the other stuff.

My folks have a place on the Southern tip of Africa and while the house is waaay to big for my mom to live in by herself we could move in there and then buy a cottage nearby for my mom to live in. That way she’s close and gets to see her grandchildren… but also not in our space twenty four seven.

With me not having a physical business anymore and remote working suddenly becoming a mainstream thing, its possible we can make this latitude work for us.

Lets be completely honest, we might not have been able to handle the cold of the Northern Hemisphere anyway. Ha ha. Anything below 8C (47F) has us hauling out the Northface puffer jackets. So theres that.

This part of the world offers some definite lifestyle improvements. We can bike pretty much everywhere, kayak with the whales and the Dolphins…. and eh… the Great Whites (the ones the Orcas haven’t eaten I mean). There are all the benefits of small town coastal living and most of the year I will be able to live in board-shorts and flip-flops (which might be all I really want out of life)

Theres also a really nice beach and on the other side of the mountain its all farmlands and vineyards.

Cape Town is about an hour and a half away, which really isn’t the worst inconvenience in the world if we had to venture near some sort of metropolitan area for the goods and services such places offer.

Anyways, as with all my decisions I’m wondering if I’m making the right choice. I’m quite conservative… in terms of making decisions like this. Usually I just fold and stick to the status quo.

Time will tell I guess.




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