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Alice was our isiXhosa nanny. The almost two year old is going to play group now and then naps from twelve thirty till about three, so Alice’s role as a caretaker has become somewhat redundant. Still, we’ve kept her on, because, well, the economy isn’t great and we can afford to. I guess she’s sorta become our de facto house manager.

My opening paragraph is meant to make it seem that I am more magnanimous than I really am. (I’m really not)

Alice is one of those fantastic people that require zero supervision. She just gets on with it… she arrives at 7am and keeps herself busy until I take her home at around two thirty. (I don’t think we have actually ever asked her to do anything, stuff just gets done, as if by magic)

Her personal life is a horror show. Historically I mean. I don’t want to get into it, but I have my doubts as to whether I could weather a life like that and come out the other side. I will say that she’s a single mom with three teenage boys.

In any event, yesterday morning her phone slipped out of her pocket and fell into a bucket of soapy water, completely submerging the phone.

Having just completed my self-pitying blog post about my broken flip flop (and how hard my life was) I went into the kitchen to build myself a lungo and noticed her phone, cracked open and drying in the sun outside next to my strawberries.

If I dropped my phone into a bucket of water, everyone within a five hundred meter radius would be informed of this development with a resounding …


In any event. There may have been something going on inside that… may… maybe have been empathy. I felt bad for her. She was remarkably stoic about the whole thing. Even though I knew, financially at least, she’d just taken a massive hit. It really put me to shame.

This story has a happy ending though because after two hours of drying out it in the sun, she clicked the phone back together… turned it on and… *drum roll*… it was completely fine.

What… the actual… heck?

I can tell you now, if I dropped my iPhone into a bucket of water, it would NOT be fine….

…that and I’d be in an absolutely foul mood for… a couple of days at least.

And there would… eh… probably (in fact definitely) be some blog posts about that awful day. You know, to mark the event for posterity.

Theodore Roosevelts journal entry for the day his wife and mother died (a couple of hours apart)

Something akin perhaps to the above.

In any event I’m using this experience to gain some perspective. For the next day at least. Until my internet addled mind files it away in its burgeoning miscellaneous folder and goes back to malingering.

This is the way we roll.




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