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Skin jobs

skin job (plural skin jobs) (science-fiction, slang) A robot or android with humanoid flesh and skin.

If this pandemic has taught me anything its that a large percentage of my friends are completely mad. And I mean actual madness. Not hyperbolic, offhandedly mentioned madness, but rather serious derangement that makes you wonder how they’ve managed to fly under the radar for so long.

A good litmus test for sanity I’ve realized is to ask everyone I meet up with if they’re going to get vaccinated.

You’d think the answer would be a simple yes. Or no. And really, either way, I don’t really care what you decide to do. Its your body after all, and if you want dead baby cells and Bill Gates’s tracking chip floating around inside you, go right ahead and get jabbed!

I should point out that I definitely want all those things. So I’m totally getting stuck with a needle. I mean hopefully I’ll get some of the RNA Protein immune response stuff as well… but you know, you gotta take some bad with the ‘good’.

The really interesting stuff comes out after the affirmation. Or refutation. The stuff that gets blurted out that is meant to reinforce the exclamation.

I mean these are people that work in finance, banking and audit (I’ve also realized ‘we’ need to expand our horizons because damn I’ve become quite insular). I would totally expect them to have… um… I don’t know… vaguely centrist, well considered personal ideology. (and yes, I realize I’m projecting, in the classical pscyh101 sense, is so far as I believe I have those things, ha ha)

I’ve had to eat great big dollops of humble pie with my assumptions of late. Also… I really feel like I don’t know anyone anymore.

I think it would be safer to engage with people about the nature of God or where they stand on the socialism-capitalism spectrum… because pandemics seem to have really brought out the cray-cray in all of us.

I mean maybe it was there before the pandemic. You could probably (quite easily) convince me that this is all because of the leftist, intersectional, non-binary agenda… because you know, I probably lean ever so slightly to the right and therefore don’t mind blaming this demographic for all our woes.

There is, after all, this weird equality thing going on… you know, for example, notions that Breitbart, or VOX or something they read on twitter, is on the same sort of level as an article in the NYT* and should therefore be given equal consideration…

*and yes, I realize they haven’t always covered themselves in glory. (especially lately) BUT its still one of the premier publications of news.


These days people feel much freer to share their really kooky world views with you and expect you to be polite and considerate about them and not hit them in the face with a rolled up newspaper and saying things like ‘NO! BAD DOG!!!!!’. Which is, maybe, what they really need.

Metaphorically bitch slapping them in the face with a well construed counter argument I mean**. I am after all, in my venerable age, a pacifist. Not that this works…debating people, because we’re all extremists and fundamentalist now, but seriously Bill Gates is not going to inject tracking chips into us through the vaccine. Thats George Soros… and the Jewish agenda!

Get it right.

**I think its okay to hit flat-eathers in the face though.




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