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Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it

Fundamental Joeyism, Libertarianism

The dark side.

I need to pee.

I’m waiting outside my daughters playgroup… so it probably wouldn’t be the greatest game-plan in the world to inflict… well, water, salt and electrolytes really, on some unsuspecting shrubbery. Also one of the other moms has pulled up… which means witnesses and I don’t have the time (or the energy) to dispose of a body today.

I’ve just dropped my wife off at the hospital. At some point this afternoon an orthopaedic surgeon is going to smash her foot with a wooden mallet… although maybe it’s more technical than that. My experience with meat technicians is that it’s usually not…

This means for the next few weeks while the missus is moon-booted up I’m the de facto adult in charge of child wrangling and processing. Which is… quite a responsibility and probably not (in the grand scheme of things) one I’m sure I’m suited for (long term). I am not the organized alpha in our relationship, ha ha. My mornings are usually quite relaxed. I feed the dogs, make breakfast… and do other chores in a methodical but also in a (infuriatingly) meandering fashion. My wife wrestles the (often violent) heathen pygmies to the ground and inflicts toothpaste and garments on them. Which is an infinitely harder endeavor.

We went for coffee at Starbucks before I dropped her off at the hospital. Well… before I made her tuck and roll in the parking lot. ‘Okay… bye… come back with all your toes’. My wife’s aunt recently went to hospital for… something quite routine… like an errant toenail or something and did not in fact come back with all her toes. In her case flip flops are off the menu.

Personally I would make up a cool story about frostbite… while trekking to Everest base camp… or something. The scar on my nose, for example is a bar fight… and not smashing my head into the washing line pole.

In any event. Starbucks. Where people sit and work. (I think this is where I was going)

I sat there drinking my latte wondering what sort of work these people do…

Like maybe I would like a job where you can sit in a coffee shop and do… you know… stuff. I mean I’d probably be quite poor and would likely fry my adrenal system to the point of uselessness from caffeine overload, self control not being one of my virtues. And I probably wouldn’t choose Starbucks (because they’re evil and I prefer to support independent, owner managed restaurants and coffee shops). But the concept seems… eh… nice.

Oh and then I bought books…

… because, eh… I feel my German Shepherd needs some philosophy. Probably ethics. The Basset Hound is completely irredeemable though. No amount of ancient academia is going to make any difference to his ‘fuck you attitude’. Trust me, we’ve tried.

And then Anarchism. Because um… eventually all libertarians flirt with the dark side.

I mean it might not be the dark side. I am… in theory… quite enchanted by the idea of anarcho-capitalism. Human beings and the real-politik of life keeps me firmly entrenched within the status-quo though. Better the devil you know after all. I have seen the Chaz… and it wasn’t a good look. But you know, given time, education and grown ups… maybe one day.




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