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Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it



I like Zuby. If Twitter wasn’t the hellhole it is, I might follow someone with a keen insight and libertarian tendencies. Of course you’d have to wade through a endless torrent of hucksterism and self aggrandizement to be able to glean the occasional bite sized chunk of cleverness… and that, to me at least, seems like a lot of effort. No I don’t want to buy your book. Or your any of your other merch. Just mainline me the good stuff.

Of course punting his hustle doesn’t make him any less wise. Which I think he is. And folks gotta eat. And circulate currency. I just find everyone trying to monetize their following and then sell you something quite dystopian.

Why can’t everything just be free and awesome? Ha ha. I don’t really mean that, but I do wish there was some subtlety to all the marketing, instead of everyone opting for the sledgehammer approach to getting paid.

Still, the Zubster makes a good point. And since (pretty much) every government on the planet has dropped the ball during this pandemic, shouldn’t our minds naturally progress to ‘hmm, I wonder what other things they’ve really messed up’.

I mean the answer if you’re not politically apathetic or insane* oscillates between ‘some things’ and ‘almost everything’…

*I write insane, but I might also mean authoritative or having a penchant for collectivism and/or centralized planning.

… but I feel confident that almost everyone (who lives in a democracy) is feeling somewhat uneasy about how bad our leadership caste (ie those we have elected to allocate OUR resources have been at this).

And yes, in each one of those countries the opposition to whoever is in power are claiming they would have done a better job. Some of us might even give credence to this notion, but deep down inside we know it’s all hogwash.

No, you shouldn’t hand the reins to your to your foamy apoplectic libertarian Choomba, with his rifle in his one hand and his copy of Hayek in the other… I mean you could… but that would probably be a bad idea. (Most of them are deeply unhinged)

Instead I hope this pandemic endeavors more people to take on some more… personal responsibility maybe. I mean this could be as subtle as voting properly. Not this brain dead motion where you tick the same party box year after year for no other reason than a sense of loyalty, tribalism and belonging.

I’m inclined to believe there are a great multitude, if they would only dwell on their own belief systems, would agree that liberalism (free markets, free trade, limited government, individual rights, capitalism, democracy, secularism, gender equality, racial equality, internationalism, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion) is pretty darn amazing and something worth defending. It would be sad to see it eroded away by indifference..

…We are rapidly abandoning not the views merely of Cobden and Bright, of Adam Smith and Hume, or even of Locke and Milton, but one of the salient characteristics of Western civilisation as it has grown from the foundations laid by Christianity and the Greeks and Romans. Not merely nineteenth and eighteenth century liberalism, but the basic individualism inherited by us from Erasmus and Montaigne, from Cicero and Tacitus, Pericles and Thucydides, is progressively relinquished.

– FA Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

In any event, it’s 10pm on new years eve, 2020, kids are asleep. My wife is painting at her desk. We are listening to an endless Spotify playlist of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Hole. (Although the song that’s playing now is the Wallflowers). I vaguely wonder if I’m going to make it much longer.

I’m keen to get a bike ride in tomorrow morning. Which I think is me convincing myself that I should go to bed and prioritize circadian rhythm over the arbitrary passing of time from one made calendar to the next. Part of me is reticent… the part of me that thinks it can still sneeze without getting injured.

Hope y’all are good and playing nicely, wherever you might be.




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