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Libertarianism, Terry Pratchett

Double standards


Protestors (with ideologies belonging to the left or right or whatever) can march down the street where you have your business, smash in the storefront window, take all your stuff and burn whatever is left. The police will, if you’re lucky, make some sort of tokenism gesture, or maybe they won’t. You, as business owner, who just wants to make living and support your community are expected to have insurance and then once the dust settles, just get on with it and rebuild your life. (preferably quietly and without making a fuss)


Protestors storm into the governments building and fuck some shit up. Suddenly the condemnation flows. And from everywhere, with the harshest rhetoric you’ve ever heard.

I find that… *sigh* annoying.

And yes, the condemnation should flow. But it should flow (in my opinion) for the immigrant family whose livelihood has been decimated as much as the senator whose office got turned upside down. Those senators and members of congress still get paid.

Despite what we all imagine, some lives and livelihoods matter more than others. And collateral damage that happens from the actions of your particular political religion is fine… or only ever casually denounced. That is, until they knock on your door.

As an interesting aside, (well I find it interesting) if some of those protestors had been heavily armed (and seriously committed like, for example, the Mumbai hotel attackers)… they likely could have murdered everyone in the building including the vice president and then burnt it all to the ground, and as far as I can tell, no one would have been able to stop them. How frighteningly lacking was the security?

In any event. I don’t care much for protests. There is always someone who is mouthing off about how a few bad apples spoilt the messaging on what would otherwise have been a peaceful affair. They always seem surprised by this development.

I like to channel Terry Pratchett in times like this. To find the IQ of a mob one takes the IQ of dumbest member of that particular gathering and divides it by the size of the mob…

… which when you’re a foot solider for a personality cult is probably already scarily low.




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    Embarrassing to be a human some days

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