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Fundamental Joeyism

I Ride.

I must be honest, for the last year, my morning routine has gone to absolute hell. I imagine I am not alone in this circumstance. But I’ve really let it get… bad. Not that I sleep in, when you have a two year old and a four year old, that’s definitely not on the cards for at least the next decade… but my mornings have been lackluster and without direction. And, as much as I hate to admit it, this bleeds through into the rest of my day.

This morning I was up at 5am. Caffeniated, medicated and ready to hit the trail by 6am. (we have a lockdown curfew until six… supposedly, I’m not entirely sure what the enforcement of this arbitrary time slot is actually like)

In any event, at five forty I decided to embrace my inner criminality and headed out to go get muddy.

I haven’t ridden this trail in forever. I picked it predominantly because its quite an easy ride and also quite close to me, although I see some obstacles have been mounded up to add some technical impetus for those that that bend that way. I must be honest, I fluffed one of them, and came off my bike (not in a spectacular way, more just… losing momentum and falling over) and having met absolutely no one on the trail until this point, this would be the place where someone came up behind me. He asked me if I was okay, before cycling off. Gah!

Its mostly single track that winds its way through the veld along a stream. But there are parts where it becomes more verdant and quite pretty.

The terminus on the one end of the trail is a dam, I think, if you ride it end to end and then back to where you began its about 40km.

In olden times I’d make a circuit of this reservoir, but at six thirty in the morning everything was still locked up… I’m not even sure if its open at the moment.

By twenty past seven I was home, muddy and a little wobbly on my legs. I showered and made myself a paleo-esque solo breakfast, the girls having all eaten already. I’m proud to say, all harvested from my garden…

… which got turned into this.

And then I found two strawberries for dessert. The season is soooo far gone now, but they’ve been giving two, three sometimes four strawberries a day for a while now.

Took a picture of this little guy sitting on top of my wild garlic blooms while I was foraging (since I’m posting all these pictures anyway)

I’d like to say that the rest of my day turned into this whirlwind of efficiency having play acted out my perfect morning (up to a point)… but really, mostly, I just wasted my time playing Playstation. It is a Sunday after all… which, as far as I remember the good Lord set aside for killing pixilated characters in video games… and thereby sparing real life fellows your wrath.

I’m not sure I could turn this into a daily routine though. As much as the idea appeals to me. But maybe I could focus on making it a weekend routine. I’ve really been enjoying riding my bike again. And also eating stuff exclusively out of my garden. Those are two big tick boxes for a life well lived right?

Maybe soon I can add, ‘Swim in the ocean everyday’. That’ll be quite cool.




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