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Fundamental Joeyism


Today I’m going to drink less coffee.

*three double espressos later*

Tomorrow, I am going to start drinking less coffee. Also, be a productive human being, because today it was raining… and I didn’t really feel like it.

Mostly I defaulted to slothful Joey… who is economic in his movements and sedentary in his lifestyle. (Who spent most of his day progressing through an online board-game (called Root) advancing the machinations of a Redwall-esque forest faction with a penchant for edged weapons and bloodshed)

I’m a winner

Our gaming group has migrated back online as the SARS-CoV-2 (20H/501Y.V2) second waves itself against our bulwark of… eh… masks, I guess. If you’re wondering if South Africans are proud that their geographical location managed to birth a more infectious variant… I think we mostly are… I mean, we don’t really have anything else to be proud of*, so we’ll take our kudos where we can. Not that we really had anything to do with it… the nature of viruses being what they are they tend to be not really appreciative of our hopes, dreams, aspirations and desire to live (and make babies).

*not since that fissure opened up in space/time and vomited Elon Musk into our reality. (although maybe you could make a case for an elderly Nelson Mandela as an exemplar to aspire to, I suppose he’s also okay)

I was however momentarily roused to anger earlier when my daughter came home from school and told me one of the boys at kindergarten said she couldn’t be Batman anymore and took away her (imaginary) bat-phone.

My wife talked me out waiting for him the parking lot…

and then…

… inflicting some street justice. On his face.

She’s really upset about it because she loves Batman.

Although maybe later me and her will go through the nuances of the double-leg takedown, transitioning into a headlock… and then punching that little shit-bucket in the ‘peanuts’. I don’t want to instill in her that dad will always be there to fight her battles for her. Give them the skills to fight their own battles. And when they’re old enough send them on a Glock armorers course.

This is the way.

I also made some money today.

£32.46 to be exact.

Which was the net result of all my wins today, well, one really, less my subsequent loses because I was being an arrogant ass-hat (and also trying to multi-task by playing games and not really concentrating on what I was doing).

Maybe later I’ll go buy myself a juice box and a happy meal to celebrate my juvenility. Actually wasn’t expecting juvenility to be a real word. Ha! (you learn something new every day)




  1. crustytuna


    Who is this kid who said she can’t be Batman? He needs a beatdown..
    Also, I want to pick through your library and borrow all your books.

  2. SnapDragon X.



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