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Lazy but cheerful

I’m feeling quite good. Which my mind immediately flags as an interesting statement. Why, were you not good before? And now, thinking about it, maybe I wasn’t. After almost ten days I am well down the rabbit hole of ketosis, with none of the potential side effects (yet) manifesting themselves. I feel sharp and… well, ‘good’. It’s a difficult thing to describe, I’m not usually one that goes for all that ‘Whooo’ that comes with kooky diets and lifestyle choices. I’m usually deeply skeptical about most things, but anecdotally, so far, this has been… nice.

That’s not the say the first few days weren’t a real bitch. They really were… but if you can ‘gut’ it out… pun may, or may not be intended, there are definitely some benefits waiting for you on the other side. Although, this new found mental acuity hasn’t necessarily translated into me rolling out of bed and smashing out a hundred pushups… I’ve only done one five mile since I’ve been here… and I was tired afterwards. So I’m still lazy.

But cheerful.

Which I suppose if you’re picking out adjectives for your life bio, lazy but cheerful might be considered a win.

To be honest I haven’t done very much. Today was the first time I actually ventured into town. Well, that’s not entirely true, I have skirted the periphery on the way to other places. I snapped the obligatory panoramic from where I’d parked to prove I’d actually been there. And then consumed my body weight in sea-food. Mozambiquean style prawns, calamari and squid heads, paired with salad instead of carbohydrates… although I really missed not having a nice warm piece of crusty bread to mop up all that delicious goodness afterwards. I briefly considered licking the plate, but that might have been frowned upon… it seemed like the sort of place that may have cast aspersions in my direction. C’est la vie. A nice glass of Chenin Blanc would have also gone down a treat… but I’m trying to knock out a solid thirty days of dietary extremism.

I’ve also done a few more cold water emersions since last time I warbled on. Well… two (to be exact). While I was keen to make it an obligatory feature in my day-to-day while I was here, I just haven’t quite… eh… found the time… yet. Ha ha. Which is such a sad excuse. I think its because I’m alone (sans wife and progenies I mean, and these things are always less fun and more chore-some when you’re on your own)

This is closer to my house than the previous tidal pool. Maybe, ten minutes on the MTB… maybe slightly more. Having smashed my Apple watch I have no idea how far anything is anymore… or how long anything takes. Maybe ten minutes is a little generous, I’m not that quick in my advanced age…

This pool (mostly) has a sandy bottom and at low tide I can stand everywhere. This is one of the few pools that’s fun to swim in when the tide is coming in and the waves come crashing in over the seawall. You can’t see it from here, but the water gets funneled in from the open ocean and its a lot like being in a wave pool at a water park. Except colder. And saltier. With bits of ocean flotsam. And there’s no lifeguard. And usually you’re the only person around. And I suppose you could crack your head open on a boulder if you’re not careful. But other than that its completely comparable.

Being a small town I couldn’t find anywhere that sells GoPro’s on my little outing today. Let alone waterproof casings. So it’ll have to wait until next time before I can venture forth into the ocean-deep, find an Octopus BFF and narrate my purgative mind shift in a slow South African drawl. Academically I am excited about the idea though. Especially about the having a friend part.

In the meantime I’ve been amusing myself with the rockpools. Me and the other eight years olds I mean. Although I don’t have one of those little sea-side nets with which to catch Gobies and Cushion Starfish. Or even a bucket in which to store them.

I imagine this picture might have come out crisper if I’d bothered to take my DSLR… I just liked the way the rock was casting a shadow onto the pool and revealing what lay below. I think the idea was sound, just the execution lacking. One day when I’m big I’ll take all these amazing photos and be insta-famous.

Until then… actually being insta-famous is probably a lot of work. And constantly having to find new material to stay relevant sounds exhausting. I don’t think I have it in me.

In fact I think maybe I need a nap. Hope you’re all good.





  1. crustytuna


    Sounds kind of pretty perfect. Meandering. Lazy and cheerful. Even without a cephalopod friend. Insta-famous would be hard, I think. Content creation is tedious when it’s forced.
    Enjoy the clarity of ketosis (i’m eating chocolate right now and feeling only a little bit bad about it), the perfect tidepools and absence of progenies!

  2. SnapDragon X.



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