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Fundamental Joeyism

A German travel companion

I’m awake. Kinda.

Although maybe I mean alive.

I’ve been busy (doing nothing). I haven’t been feeling very motivated to get my life together lately. I think I’ve been having anxiety about moving house. Its not even that I’m particularly sentimental about where I live. I’m just… hm… deeply entrenched in my habitat I guess. And that disquiet has bled into other aspects of my life. Like… journaling… and eating healthy. And exercising. Gah!

I’m in awe of people that just pack up their stuff and embrace the chaos. (I realize a lot of my unease with the universe is because I’m constantly pushing back and attempting to assert some semblance of control on my environment)

I drove down on Easter Sunday to our soon to be domicile. A 1417km sojourn I smashed out in 13hrs. I like to round it up and say its a thousand miles. But its not quite. (this is the only thing I round up, I swear)

I would likely have made it in twelve, but I took the German for company…

…and so we had to stop to regularly to pee (and thereby declare our territorial control along our route, at least for a while).

Ostensibly this is because I have this… trepidation about moving people touching my stuff. Well… my Lego, board games., my music and my books. And so I loaded the truck up with (only) the essentials.

Which left zero room for clothes (and also food*). Which I’m now regretting… because in my infinite wisdom I only packed one pair of long pants. A pair of camouflage cargos which I actually went back and threw in as an afterthought.

*I ate MacDonalds yesterday… I feel dirty. (and yes, I could have ‘made’ food, but cooking for one seems like a real chore at the moment)

Having lived in the hinterlands all my life… my idea of weather is something between 27 and 30C all day, every day for two weeks at a time. In fact, weather, and its various permutations have never featured in my thoughts as something that you might need to prepare for.

Enter the Western Cape.

Yesterday for example. It started off with a thick mist rolling in off the ocean, bumping up against the mountain and sitting there. Then it started to rain. After that the wind came rollicking in. For a while it was cloudy and cold and then by lunch time the sun had won whatever aerial combat was going on overhead and it turned into a really nice day…

Took my nephews down to snorkel… well… they call it a rock pool… but its not really since its open to the ocean. But there is a rocky outcrop about twenty meters out before the drop-off which means the water is calm here even at high tide. (might even be a good place to go spearfish a bit further out)

The German decided to swim out to me (I don’t know exactly what her plan was) but she was clearly concerned about whatever was going on in the water and felt the need to intercede. Had to guide her back to the ramp.

In any event, saw a school of Sergeant Majors. I still don’t have a waterproofing housing for my camera so I can’t go all Octopus Teacher on my blog… YET! Ha! (which I am very likely, at some point to do, at least for a little while). I probably also need a decent waterproof torch… there is some deception I’ve realized in underwater photography… even if the suns out and the water crystal.

What the heck is this thing?

The rest of my week is less exciting. I have lots of grindy… house stuff to do… which I am avoiding (by blogging). I should probably get to that. Ergh.




  1. westcoastwoman


    Quite a year of upheaval and changes…..looks like you are well suited to your new habitat.

  2. crustytuna


    the new locale looks beautiful. Even if it means changing outfits all day. I’m sure you will manage.. somehow.

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