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Riders of Justice

When I imagine my favorite things and I take everything that’s warm and sticky off the table, I’m basically left with coffee, Lego and griping about modern American cinema. I mean as staples go, it could be worse.

To be fair its not all bad. There is still some goodness out there. It’s just… harder to find. Some of that might have to do with the sheer volume of content that modernity has created and then proffered to us for mindless on-demand consumption… and then I am obviously deeply committed to the idea that when I was growing up, everything was better, so anything new always bangs up against that particular bulwark first.

I like my movies like I like my coffee. But it also needs to make me happy. So maybe it also needs to be like Lego.

Basically, dark and cheerful. And maybe Danish.


Riders of Justice is incredibly hard to genre. Its (in some places) disturbingly dark. But its also laugh out loud funny in other parts.

The trailer makes it seem more ‘action’ than it really is, it never becomes the Scandi John Wick its portrayed to be. Which I suppose will leave many people feeling disappointed. (if you like two hours of style over substance).

I should probably mention, as some sort of disclaimer, that I love Mads Mikkelsen, and I’m quite bias towards anything he’s in.

He was the bad guy in Casino Royale (if you can remember that far back). Ah… the best Bond by a country mile. The Bond that gave us hope… which subsequent iterations dashed on the rocks *sigh*. He played Hannibal in the tv series adaptation and was also the lead character in another great Danish flick, ‘Another round’, which is also really good.

Riders of Justice nails what so many Hollywood movies can no longer fathom; actual characters!

For me, a movie with deeply flawed protagonists and a compelling story line are always going trump one dimensional (and usually immortal) characters rampaging from scene to scene with nary a thought for reality (or physics). As an added bonus there is a deep thread of philosophy and chaos theory running throughout the film. (of which I am obviously a fan)

In any event this movie left me feeling quite cheerful. And also with the deep (and somewhat disturbing) desire to grow a bushy grey beard.

Highly recommended.



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