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Fundamental Joeyism


We’re out of coffee, so I’m drinking a vegan Chai… eh… latte (I think) from a sachet. It’s… surprisingly good. *slurp* Let it not be said that I am an inflexible brute in my old age. Well, not entirely, since the pie-chart is still overwhelmingly coloured (and not always neatly between the lines) in the most violent of crayon hues. Probably red and black. And libertarian yellow.

I promised myself I’d finish some of the books on my bedside table, now serving as an, elevated and (probably) quite a precarious coaster for the aforementioned beverage. But instead I’ve been dithering, listening to music, which has always a staple for me, in lieu of television, as a time wasting exercise I mean.

Its mostly ninetees alternative… Spotify knows what I like.

I am now too old (and domesticated) now to combine this with the mad crush of bodies in some poorly ventilated semi-subterranean locale with the volume turned up to tinnitus.

Bolstered by the knowledge that your Nokia 3310 was indestructible, you feared no mosh pit. Slathered in the juices of your fellows sapiens (not all of them homo), lungs coated with second hand smoke and our veins flushed with something that may have been tequila (but may also have been diesel fuel tapped from the broken down truck at the traffic light), we were… well we were pretty gross, actually. But there was the unifying condition, that and we didn’t know any better.

Ensconced in my blanket fort, the idea of going ‘out there’, Doc’d up and swapping saliva with a complete stranger seems like a particularly savage undertaking. I’ve had my allotted time in that particular petri-dish. Still, I feel a little sad for those coming of age now. The world is certainly, well, it’s different. Different in good ways too, I imagine, but perhaps lacking in other areas.

I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic of late. Perhaps because I’m boxing my life up. Its quite a process and I’m horrified by my complete lack of minimalism, something I occasionally take a stab at. When did it get so out of control I wonder vaguely to myself.

To be fair, its probably still better than your median household in terms of stuff. Certainly the progenies added a substantive bump to our accumulated life detritus. And its… mostly books, pictures and Lego. (all of which I feel shouldn’t get added to the total weight of ones existence)

About half way through now…

We are also moving into my folks place, which is furnished. They have nicer stuff than us. Well, kinda. They have all these top of the range appliances that speak to you in German, warning you that the ‘Gerät kühlt’ which I suppose translates to ‘the device is cooling’. My wife thinks it’s all very hilarious. (like warning you that coffee is hot).

Their taste in art is shocking though. In the age old German tradition of burning things that offend our sensibilities (and/or ideology) I might bonfire it all when we move in. And yes, I appreciate De gustibus non est disputandum, but seriously, some of the art hanging on the wall feels like it was rescued from the dumpster behind the hospice charity shop. (I’m not entirely sure it wasn’t). My folks are (or were) weirdly thrifty in some ways (and then in other ways shoveled money into a metaphorical incinerator)

But we really have too much stuff. Fortunately the new owners of our house are coming from a flat (or maybe it’s a duplex). In any event, they need furniture. I told the real estate agent they could have most of ours free of charge. She seemed horrified by desire to just give our stuff away, so finally we agreed on some level of tokenism… about half the price of new Airpods. For that they get all our curtains, our fridge, freezer, patio furniture, a lounge suite, eh… and some other stuff. Magnanimous AF, except its really more laziness on my part. And/or my reticence to interact with the (marketplace) humanity out there. *shudder*

In other news I bought a canopy for my truck this morning. It dawns on me that I’m (basically) driving a station wagon now, ha ha. Okay, its black tread-plate canopy. And my truck has four wheel drive. Still, there are definite undertones of… vehicular domestication (for lack of a better word) now.

Ostensibly, but also in theory, this will make the portage of sea-kayaks easier, since the load will be shared across the canopy and the roof of the truck… but I’m not quite there yet. At the moment this is more because I’m transporting stuff soon and I wanted things to be waterproof back there.

I’ll post a picture when its installed so y’all can marvel at how Redneck I’ve become.

Onwards and upwards.



  1. crustytuna


    1. How is it that your recollection of the 90s is so eerily similar to mine, and we are a half a world apart!
    2. Canopy for truck =essential in my mind. It’s a cooler version of a station wagon.
    3. I moved annually for a good decade of my life, and have only *just* started buying books again. I feel like it’s a sign. Of something good probably. So good on ya. Happy moving friend! To new adventures!

    1. Jo


      Thank you very much. New adventurers ftw.


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