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Getting Whacked

It’s feels everyone I know has got Covid at the moment. Here, at the bottom of the planet we are solidly into our third wave. South Africa is doing this, (weird) phased vaccination drive. Weird insofar as I would have just thrown all the vaccines into a pit and let people fight over them, which seeing as I feel pretty confident about my martial prowess against the old, infirm and geriatric, would likely have seen me with some sort of resistance by now*. Also spontaneous order yo.

*this is why no-one wants to live in your libertarian hellscape Joey.

Alas our esteemed government has opted for what some might consider a more ‘economically oriented’ approach to stabbing people with dead baby cells and microchips. Medical professionals and those over sixty got priority. And now teachers. The (evil) monopoly dictates that I am quite low on the list. So maybe I’ll get Pfizer’d up by the end of the year. Assuming all the countries with bigger GDP’s than corner store bodega stop hoarding the stuff.

I am obviously annoyed that I can’t just use my wealth and privilege to jump the queue and that I have to ‘wait my turn’ with the rest of the proletariat. Is this what being taken down a notch feels like? Because it’s awful.

*sips his overpriced coffee while clacking away on his MacBook*

In other news. John McAfee got suicided. Which, in libertarian circles means… well… you have to appreciate that a lot (okay, maybe the vast majority) of libertarians are quite mad. (Not me obviously, ha ha). Anyways, to a lot of libertarians John McAfee was a paragon, an exemplar of courage and tax avoidance.

I would not have voted for him to become president of… well probably anything. I like the Libertarian party candidates to be more like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen, and less like… well, John McAfee and Vermin Love Supreme. Assuming you even believe in voting (which is always going to be a contentious issue among libertarians, myself included).

Personally I think McAfee may actually have been insane, but I quite liked him nonetheless. I have a soft-spot for the oddballs… those who build armored bulldozers in their workshops or flee to Belize…. and then murder their neighbors, allegedly.

Do I believe he committed suicide?

Um… I have no idea. Mental health can be a very dark place in which to dwell. And… I don’t think he was ‘well’. Although according to the memes he recently stumbled onto Hilary Clinton’s emails… and I always believe in the veracity of memes. (I quickly right click on veracity to make sure it means what I think it means… and we’re good)

And since we are on the topic of all things cray-cray…

I note (with scorn) that transgender weightlifters are now allowed to compete at the Olympics. I feel that I need to state this for the record; this is complete and utter bullshit. If that counts against me one day, so be it. This is seriously messed up and mad. I really feel like I’ve slipped into an alternate ‘idiotcracy’ reality where things have taken a serious bend towards lunacy.

To counterweight this, I still think competitive sports are dumb (especially the Olympics). I don’t really understand why anyone would want to compete… to me competition just smacks of its own mental health issues. The fact that you need to demonstrate that you are the best at something, in this case lifting heavy things above your head. Well whoop-dee doo, good for you.

Although apparently some of us do care.

It boggles my mind, that someone will get paid a million dollars for coming second in a competition where the object is to walk around and hit a white little ball into the ground. This might be the definition of insanity in my opinion.

So I think I’ve hit the perfect trifecta here. Corona, government conspiracy and transgender athletes. How to get your post shadow banned and/or flagged for hate speech/terrorism.

If you find me hanged in my cell know that I definitely didn’t whack myself. Just like John McAfee.



  1. Professor Taboo


    My my Jo! You have ventured into a blogging topic of politics and politicized medicine!!! 😲🤣 Say it isn’t so Jed Clampett, Jethro, Granny, and Elle May too!!! 🙃 WOW! You’ve really shown your Cajones here. 🤭😉

    1. Jo


      I’m becoming a maniac in my old age. Ha! Speaking of which, how you doing old man? Hope you’re well?

      1. Professor Taboo


        All things considered? Eh, not so bad. However, I wouldn’t say: Dayum Dreamy and Creamy either. 😋

        I can elaborate more if you’re interested, BUT be warned fine Sir… when an invitation is warmly provided, I hold nothing back. 😉 hehehe

      2. Jo


        Turn up your thermostat and tell me all your woes. Spare me nothing.

      3. Professor Taboo


        🤣 Can I lay down on your long comfortable therapy chair/slash sleeper and then open my flood-gates!!!??? 😛

        P.S. Not the bodily function flood-gates, the mental-emotional ones. Fyi. LOL

      4. Jo


        Sure thing… my chaise lounge is always open. As long as we don’t dive into an Oedipus complex or … trying to think of any other subjects I might consider taboo. Ha ha. See what I did there…

      5. Professor Taboo


        😄 I did see! I did see!


        Well, I’ve recently (June 22) returned from a most memorable, FANTASTIC family vacation on Mackinac Island, MI. I did NOT want to leave there, much less return to my home state of Texas. Oh my goodness Dr. Jo, MD, PhD, and ETD (Expert in Taboo Delights 😉 ) I found there with the Island Michiganers and never-ending beauty every square yard/meter of what the Ojibwe and Odawa Native Americans in the 1600’s found there and called the magnificent island “Great Turtle” and an abundance of friendliness and great humor from the Euro-American (whites) descendants—all of which are very eco-green friendly in their lifestyles! Dr. Jo, I thought I was on another planet it was so awesome! 💖

        So as a result of leaving THAT… I have returned to a state, both literally and metaphorically, 😄 of a lesser state, lesser eco-green, lesser warm and courteous, and MUCH lesser peacefulness and kindness. 😟

        Do you have a prescription, silver-bullet to help me Dr. JuJu? I mean, JoJo? 😉

      6. Professor Taboo


        Btw, I find I agree with most of your thoughts about McAfee, but maybe not so much on all of them. 😉

      7. Over Soil


        Old age? Don’t make me laugh, you spring chicken you.

  2. Professor Taboo


    On a more serious note Jo (as he blows his tuba to do re mi fa sol la ti do in perfect tune, impressing Dr. Jo greatly)…

    I have to say I agree with you totally about:

    Assuming all the countries with bigger GDP’s than corner store bodega stop hoarding the stuff.

    We Texans are indeed way overstocked with unused Pzifer and Moderna vaccinations. 😡 Why you might wisely and rightly ask in anger? Sit down Dr. Jo—but not on my chaise lounger—cuz this might enrage you more. Are you ready? 😬 Here goes…

    Despite that my 81-yr old Mom and her 83-yr old domestic partner were fully vaccinated this past March, myself in April, my sister by mid-May, all of it extremely EASY to get done… only 40% of Texans over the age of 12 are currently fully vaccinated.* 🥺 Yes, that’s right, ONLY 40% of our current population of 30-million. That population WAS at least 51,130 people higher in February 2020! And that grand total is certainly very conservative because it counts only death certificates where COVID-19 was the sole cause of death, not other complications prior to COVID infection which devastates a victim’s chances of survival, so the number is probably like 55,000–60,000 more, I’m guessing. Today, we have all those other available Pfizer and Moderna vacc’s just sitting there… expiring. That’s 12-million doses Jo going to waste. 🤦‍♂️

    Now we are facing a bad new variant (Delta) in Texas that is enormously contagious! Geezzz, we have way, WAY too many ignorant, zealously religious and/or political (Republicans dominate this idiocy) morons in Texas who are either too lazy or too incompetent! Because getting fully vaccinated is currently our ONLY best defense against this insidious, lethal virus! Prayer or premature “Herd immunity” before it actually can happen, is utterly useless.

    I deeply apologize to you and the rest of the world that we Texans are wasting some 12-million unused Pfizer/Moderna doses. 😢

    * – Source: https://apps.texastribune.org/features/2020/texas-coronavirus-cases-map/

    1. Professor Taboo


      Sorry, that should’ve stated: “…probably like 55,000–60,000 range” not “more.” 🙄

  3. tara caribou


    oh goodness, don’t get me started. The “athlete” was, what, #300, then I think #490… then decides he’s a different sex and magically becomes #1. Riiiiiiiight. That’s not how it works. That’s like an adult winning a race against second graders and people legitimately applauding the win. Ummm. It doesn’t work that way. Dude. You so desperate for self-worth? There are trophy companies that will literally create a special trophy just for you. It’s just as legitimate a win as that one. 🙄

  4. Over Soil


    More tea vicar? ☕️

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