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Fundamental Joeyism


I decided to up the difficulty of my life by moving house and picking up Corona at the same time. Which was… quite hard. I’m mostly over it now, I think. (I’m weary about jinxing myself)

I’d like to say that we are mostly settled in our new locale, 1417km South West of where we were before, one mile of altitude down and in a different climatic zone completely, but I’d be lying…

We’re living out of boxes and sleeping on mattresses on the floor. Kinda like the sleeping arrangements Charlies grandparents had in Charlie and the Chocolate factory… eh… with the added indignity of a giant 42kg German Shepherd also invading that space.

Its been real.

This is me a week ago. I’d just helped the movers carry some boxes outside and I was feeling absolutely wrecked. Took a selfie to send to the wife to illustrate my buggered-ness. In any event, the movers took forever so I only left Jo’burg at four thirty, I had intended to overnight at the 600km mark, but with traffic, the looming curfew and the fatigue I only just made to Bloemfontein which is about 400km.

Left again at 4am and knocked out the remaining chiliad on Saturday. Measured -7C (20F) in the desert just before sunrise, which is likely the coldest temperature I’ve ever experienced in South Africa. Even had a dusting of snow on the higher elevations.

Arrived and took the girls to the playground in the afternoon. There were two other girls there, one with her pet python…

… which struck me as quite cool. In any event, she let me play with her snake.

Had a hot chocolate when we got back to the house and it suddenly dawned on me that I couldn’t taste it. Stuck my nose into a jar of English mustard and then Horse-radish… and nothing. Been isolating ever since.

In any event, this is not going to become a long self-involved Corona post because… well… virology has entered the realm of politics and religion. And while I don’t usually shy away from the other two, I’m feeling a bit… misanthropic about people at the moment and I CBF to fight with people right now.

I’m probably on the mend. I’m not coughing anymore and my oxygen levels are back up to 98%, they dipped down to about 94% at their lowest, so I can appreciate how this can go sideways for people.

Looking forward to being able to enjoy coffee again.



  1. Over Soil


    Sending healthy wishes.

    1. Jo


      Thank you very much! Appreciate it

  2. Professor Taboo


    Jo, I am a bit timid to ask, 😬 but…

    any good fortune with you and your wonderful family getting FULLY vaccinated? (nervously awaits his nail-biting answer…) 🙉🙊🙈

    1. Jo


      Heya. So, because of the ‘global’ vaccine shortage* we have this phased approach to vaccinations.

      *shortage for some I mean, ha ha.

      So they did front line workers first, and then elderly. 35 to 49 year olds could start registering for their first Pfizer jabs this week… so I literally missed it by a couple of days. I am so $#&@’d off.

      *sigh* it is what it is though.

      Anyways, now that I’ve had covid, I get immunity for a bit. But that also messes with my ability to get a shot. Apparently you should wait at least 28 days before getting a vaccine shot once you’ve had it.

      I had it fairly mildly as things go. Will still get vaccinated when I get the chance… because I don’t mind being magnetic (maybe I can stick my wallet to the side of my neck)… and I’m probably to old now for ausitsm or tourettes… or eh… ESPN or whatever else you’re supposed to get.

      I did take Ivermectin though, which… ancedotally, seemed to help. If anything I’m at least parasite free now. Whoop whoop.

      Although I will miss my tape worm telling me what to do.

      How you doing over there in the Land of the free, home of the brave?

      1. Professor Taboo


        Ugh. Jo… why did you ask that? 🤦‍♂️😔

        Here. Here’s a link as to how redneck, moronic, asinine Texans—and for that matter most all politically Red states in this disunited Union—are currently doing:


        Can you say… “Here we go again. I told you so… like… AT LEAST TWENTY DAYUM TIMES PEOPLE!!!” Jo, both of my jobs are now (again) talking about preparing for Stage 3, 4, and 5 mandates returning very soon. Furthermore, they’ve already prepped us for lower work-hours, hence lower paychecks, and possibly layoffs… EFFIN AGAIN GOD DAMN IT!!! 🤬🤬🤬 I can’t express to you here—cuz of your blog being a fine family establishment—how overly LIVID I am with illiterate, dumb-ass morons who come up with idiotic excuses not to get fully vaccinated! They simply can’t seem to comprehend what it means/does when in cytology, virology, and epidemiology a viral cell learns and learns more then learns even more… HOW to mutate into a better, stronger more lethal virus IF—and there’s the operative word: IF—it is given the time and indifferent freedom by humans to become immune to various vaccines! Duh!!!

        In other words Jo, if I may be very blunt Sir… if we primate Homo sapiens (like we’re tuxedo wearing fat penguins) keep jacking off arrogantly and defiantly the sciences and medicines that are (right now) 95% effective, then the Orca whales WILL FIGURE OUT QUICKLY how to eat us all… with ease!!!

        Now riddle me that level of human intelligence Jo! Please! 😠

  3. Jo


    Sorry I asked. I would offer you a hug… but I’m a quarantined leper for… eh… *counts on his fingers* 2 more days. Then I can run free once more among the proletariat, with the wind in my face and everything that jiggles, jiggling. Can’t wait.

    I must be honest… with the first two waves I didn’t know anyone who had corona… I would hear of ‘a friend of friend who had it’ but it felt like it was happening elsewhere. Now with the Delta variant having taken hold here… it feels like everyone I know has got it and every zoom meeting starts of with the litany of the dead and those in ICU.

    Agreed, the variant churn is a real concern and potentially we may never get out of this. I mean we probably will… but there is a chance that we are just faced with an endless chain of mutation and booster shots for the willing.

    I can’t speak to the intelligence of humans. I just do what the government tells me to. I wear my mask and I wash my hands. I just want to be a good little sheeple and get my shot.

    Also where I live now there is a pod of orcas. The eat the great white sharks here. Well… just the livers actually. It’s pretty common for the carcass of a great white to wash up on the beach sans it’s liver.

    They know stuff

  4. crustytuna


    Well this sucks. Your vaccine reaction is going to suck extra now too… Though you’re immunity will be better than everyone else’s.. Glad to hear you’re on the mend and living in a magical new land 😊 Family sleeping arrangements avec large dog are kinda lovely.. For a little while…

    1. crustytuna


      *your immunity

  5. saynotoclowns


    So this is the moving post? I love the photos! I am excited for you and your new adventure.
    haha that python. at a playground. So do your girls want one now?

    1. Jo


      Yup this is the one! I want a python… the wife has used her veto though… we’ve settled on a Maine Coon as our new addition to our menagerie. Just been born so we take her in 13 weeks

      1. saynotoclowns


        I had to look up Maine Coon…I am rubbish at remembering names and whatnot…my distinguishing skills are normally down to “that’s pretty”… “awww so fluffy” or sometimes “what? could that get any weirder?”
        I don’t know Jo, seems like quite a leap from python to Maine Coon lol

      2. Jo


        Don’t come here with your logic. Ha ha.

      3. saynotoclowns


        Haha. You flatter me

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