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Fundamental Joeyism

Morning walks

Took the German around the promontory that is our little… its not quite a suburb… but its not quite a town either. Wikipedia refers to it as a settlement. Whatever that means. I’m trying to inject a bit more routine into my life after our stuttering start, so after I’ve dropped off the kids at school I’m endeavoring to first walk the Canis familiaris.

Also, this way I can start my post off with a little bit of a flex, because, you know, life is a competition and I feel its important to keep up with all the (cool) people I follow that constantly chip away at my self esteem and sense of achievement with their never ending barrage of awesome photos and activities. And you know… get my steps in.

In other news I’m proud to announce that I have unpacked all my books and stacked my shelves. Although with no semblance of order… except for maybe size and spinal hue. Can’t have, for example, two red books next to each other… THAT would mess with the literary feng shui.

I am resided to the fact that I will never be able to find anything, ever again. Which is kinda the story of my life. In fact, if my life gets a sub-heading it will probably be, ‘Joey searching for his keys and phone’. So really, I’m just acting out my destiny.

It was an glass and aluminum shelf system that we inherited (by virtue that it felt challenging to have to try and disassemble it). I wasn’t that enthused by its style so I bought some thick wooden shelves to intersperse among the horizontals. I’m not sure about it yet. I don’t hate it. But I’m not sure I love it either. Maybe it will grow on me.

In any event, after walking the dog I’m back at my kitchen-table ‘office’. Frankfurt and London both open at nine am local time, which works out well for me at the moment. When they switch back from Daylight savings time I will have find ways to occupy myself for another hour before the opening bell. Hopefully by that stage I will have my basement office sorted out and I… well ideally I’d like to go for a bike ride or swim in the ocean or something before… instead of disappearing down some weird Reddit rabbit hole (my current staple)… and then reappearing looking slightly frazzled and twitchy an hour later on the other side, slightly brain damaged.

To be fair, Reddit does make me laugh…

… and in terms of curating content there is likely nothing better. Although it accounts for zero percent of my recommended daily vitamin D allowance. Which is apparently important.

These kitchen chairs are the most awful thing to plant your butt on for any length of time. Eventually my junk feels starts to feel seriously unhappy with me and I have get up and shake things loose to get the blood flowing again. That may have been overshare. My coccyx is also really sore. I keep suggesting my wife massage it for me, which thus far, she has been reticent to do. Pretty sure spouses are contractually obligated to undertake endeavors of this kind. Its not like I’m asking for an amateur interpretation of the state of my prostrate.

Although… theoretically… would you be into that?


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  1. crustytuna


    Your shelves look wonderful, and the trouble with artistry is that it will make no sense. I’m glad you’ve resigned yourself to never finding anything. Also, sacral massage.. Your poor wife. Can’t just sit on a pillow or something? 😜

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