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Fundamental Joeyism

Pincushions et al.

I feel like every blog I post these days starts out with a recitation of the litany of adult-onset gripes, the foremost of which tend to be muscular-skeletal in nature. Why does this meat suit need constant maintenance and lubrication now? Does the warranty suddenly expire when you hit the big four oh my god… I would obviously demand to speak to the manager… but maybe he’s having an Old-testament sorta day, in which case maybe its better to just grit your teeth and bare it. Although maybe I mean bear it. *briefly thinks about using a different adjective that makes me seem a little less illiterate* But then again, that might be false advertising and we should just stick with what we are. Authentic as fuck.

Red sky at dawn, shepherds mourn… our day started out early, heading ‘over the mountain’ to visit Granny and Grandpa, for breakfast. We’ve turned the corner and we’re headin’ back towards the sun baybee… you northern hemisphere peeps have had your fun, its our time now. So its getting lighter earlier again, the stubborn darkness along with my ligaments and their reduced range and function has been a major point of irritation for me of late. As a very non-stoic coping mechanism I like to rage against the things I cannot change or influence.

Although I’ve been quite an industrious Joey of late (he says to counteract his opening negativity) wielding my drill press and miter saw with (what some might say constitutes) reckless abandon. I would have been reckless with other things too, except these are the only pieces of more robust hardware I have kept from my old (and incredibly vast) workshop. I would have liked to keep a table-saw (and maybe a band saw)… but I can improvise if the situation truly arises where I need such contrivances.

Behold my new and decidedly minimalist work… eh… bench. Also I (finally) hung our bikes and whacked together a shelf for our MTB gear from twenty one millimeter shutter-board and aluminum bits.

Somewhere in the back of my mind my downsizing has knocked my manhood down a couple notches. Because everyone knows ‘real’ men have dank, poorly lit (and ventilated) workshops, rife with cobwebs and heaps of saw dust. I think I’m mostly over it though… what other people think I mean (One benefit of advanced age). I’m quite pleased with the new look.

Although maybe its more because I’ve had to do triage, in terms of space at least, having now moved in our new abode. Instead of a huge workshop, which historically occupied the basement here, I’d rather have an office. And also a gym. And somewhere where my wife can play the drums (without driving me mad)…

… and so the subterranean expanse has been stripped bare (this time I’m more confident that it is in fact bare and not bear) through the sweat, blood and toil of yours truly. It is now ready for various remedies to improve its aesthetics and overall utility. Which started yesterday with flooring. Hopefully by the end of next week we will be able to move in and get our… eh… work on. (although, I will now be a guy who trades forex in his parents basement… which I am obviously incredibly weary of telling people when they ask what I do for a living, ha ha)

As an aside (admittedly quite a random aside) I walk past this house most days with the German when we do our tour de neighborhood. His whole verge is planted with yellow pin cushions and as if on cue on the first day of Spring they decided to do their thing. Its pretty cool. Kudos to him.

In any event, the weather is coming in thick and fast now, proving again, that maybe shepherds did know something about the weather. Although google seems to think this wisdom is attributable to mariners (as opposed to shepherds). My knowledge of all things meteorological is limited to opening an app. And then being derisive about their skill-set when they get it wrong.

This pervasive attitude may also leak into other areas of my life.

Well maybe you should work on that Joey?

I could, but complaining about other people stuffing things up is basically my personality now. Who would I be without that? Fucken conservatives. Or maybe its the libs (although in my defense I like to think I’m quite even handed when it comes to blaming the people responsible for ruining the world)


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  1. crustytuna


    That workshop/storage area you’ve created is amazing. There’s even natural light!
    Also, I have never seen these pincushions, and I always thought it was a mariner thing. But like you, I am basically an old man (lady) yelling at the sky.

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