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Gays with Guns, growing Ganja

*Joey sticks a golden star on his ample forehead* Alliteration ftw, yay me.

I can’t really speak to the rest of the green areas on the map, but in South Africa, you can be a legally married gay couple and buy a rifle to protect your marijuana plants. This is all true.

If you would like to tick all the boxes of the libertarian trifecta, being gay and getting married is likely the easiest to do here. Then I think the law, as it stands, allows for four female marijuana plants per adult in your household to be grown… which in terms of personal use is a metric fuck tonne of weed… then (as far as I remember) you can have 1.6kg of dried material on hand.

Owning firearms is probably the hardest thing on the list, but only because of the chaotic bureaucracy and ineptitude that infests all government departments here. Its probably not hard… but more a factor of time and admin intensity on the the part of the applicant.

On the downside, we have one of the highest levels of personal income tax in the world (at about 46% for high income earners) for which we get very little in return. So that kinda diminishes (in my opinion) any other gains we’ve made on the progressive liberty track.

Still, I guess when most the world is still grayed out, there are some bragging rights.



  1. tara caribou


    Hey, I can see my house from here! Real Alaskans are awesome. Speaking of which, got a moose last night so there’s a bunch of (non-gay) but probably marijuana-smelling butchering coming up in my house.

    1. Jo


      Oh how awesome is that!! I’m jealous of your food resource skilz! I don’t want to stoke your ego more than it already is… but I use you as a benchmark for where I want to be one day… in terms of fishing, foraging and gathering. Amazing

      1. tara caribou


        I’m living the life, Jo. Living the life 💕

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