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Papers please

‘Inject this into your body, or we will get your employer to fire you and your family might starve to death because no one will risk hiring you’.

– Democracies everywhere

Jesus. How did we get here?

Let me say right near the beginning somewhere that I am pro-vaccine. I am also pro-choice… and having (any) government forcing you to get shot up with something you don’t want… I will never get behind that. Ever.

But the un-vaccinated are selfish and will just continue to churn out new variants and clog up hospitals. We need to get everyone on board or our lives will never get back to normal. It’ll just be an endless cycle of boosters, masks and lock-downs and…

Sure. That certainly is a possibility… you know that you need to get almost the entire world vaccinated to get this to work right? At least the variant churn part of it. Having your first world population totally vaxxed while your third world neighbor is incubating the next generation ‘smart’ variants just kicks the can down the road.

I should probably also say that I’ve had COVID (before I was eligible for a shot), and while I likely had the mildest form of it, I know people that are stronger and healthier than me that have gotten absolutely wrecked by this virus. I often wonder why I got the ‘meh’ version and other peeps are in ICU with bubbles on their lungs five days in. One of my wife’s clients, the CFO of a listed company (who competes in Ironman) was in ICU for a month and a half and while he’s now at home the scar tissue on his lungs is so bad he is still on oxygen for 16hrs a day. We all got COVID more or less at the same time, not to mention all people we know who have died.

I took Ivermectin though. And if I would have access to monoclonal antibodies and vitamin drips I totally would have done that too. Is that why I got the ‘meh’ version? I have no idea.

Anyways, I digress.

Am I worried about vaccine side effects or long term side effects? No, not really. Although, last week someone we know quite well went into anaphylactic shock after their J&J shot and spent the afternoon in the ER on a drip. Still, I am likely ingesting far ‘worse’ things on a daily basis than a mRNA vaccine. The pesticides on my genetically modified mono-culture souped up with all manner of kooky fertilizers in unregulated third world countries to go along with all the growth hormones and antibiotics in my bacon. Plus all the crap that is my deodorant, toothpaste, municipal water… pretty much all the fabrics I wear and all the packaging my food comes in. I’ve managed to develop a blind-spot for all the other stuff that’s killing me (and the planet) why should this be any different?

I mean if you asked me what I think, then I’d say you should definitely get the vaccine. But really, you should be allowed to do what you want and it shouldn’t matter what I think. And yes, I accept that your unwillingness to get vaccinated might put me at risk in the future… but I accept all manner of other inter-personal risks every day when I step outside my house. I mean I hope you’re nice enough NOT to t-bone me at the intersection… but its certainly a possibility.

So what about private companies choosing to ban the un-vaccinated or employ only vaccinated staff?

Hmm. Sure. I can get behind that. Private companies should be allowed to make decisions like this… where it gets seriously uncomfortably for me is when the government starts forcing companies to behave in certain ways by threatening to fine them or otherwise harm them if they don’t tow the party line.

So how would you solve the problem smarty-pants? Well… lets assume storm-troopers coming to your domicile, holding you and your family down and injecting you with drugs is off the cards. And that you’re not going to need a vaccine-passport to visit the grocery store (which you may well soon need). I think the real question we need to ask ourselves is why so many people distrust their government, the organization that (supposedly) has their best interests at heart. And aren’t the big bio-pharma companies all just evil cunts?

Case in point Pfizer, whose vaccine I took, I think are the recipients of the biggest fine (or one of the biggest fines) in the US for being evil cunts. But you know, ‘trust us on the vaccine stuff’… also rich countries and organizations who won’t release patent rights, even when they promised they would (looking at you Oxford) even if that means saving millions of lives. Definitely something there we could focus on.

Truth is more homogeneous, smaller societies with governments that are more trusted by their populations have done better at this. And also the crazy evil autocracies… so there’s that. Some of our institutions are insanely crap (WHO’d that be) and the paragons that get chosen to lead the charge (looking at your Fauci) are not the upright exemplars they appeared to be. Then the media are just mad, case in point when Joe Rogan recently got Covid, the unbridled glee that some left leaning publications had in their coverage was truly sickening. The fact that he got better in three days receives ZERO coverage.

So you have all this arrayed against you, government, media and big pharma… but then they feel surprised and aggrieved and hurt even that the attitude from a large part of the populous is ‘fuck you’.

Hmm. Weird.



  1. Over Soil


    My ten penny worth:
    There’s places that need to insist on the staff having the vaccine and other places that don’t. Nursing homes and hospitals surely on the first list and loads of choice places like pubs and clubs on t’other.
    I didn’t want the risk of being injected with the vaccine, but considering the alternative, of course I went ahead.

  2. Professor Taboo


    Well my good Friend, I must take an opposing view on your narrative here 😉

    Despite that your view here is all over the place, sort of like the game in kid’s Arcades called Whack-A-Mole, only there are 100-holes the various Moles’ heads pop-up from and you’re supposed to whack ’em all with a single mallet. Practically impossible, right? IOW, your cornucopia of jabs, undercuts, round-house punches and kicks here are so spread out it’s near impossible to hit a Mole-head on the far right, then quickly jump to the far left side (too late I might add) only to miss that Mole while the next Mole immediately pops up back on the far side again.

    Jo? You must have HELP with mallet-carrying friends to even have a chance at hitting maybe, what(?), 25% or 30% of the quick ducking Moles? 😛 😉

    Let’s simplify this whole COVID-19 death trap and its constantly mutating variants of MORE DEATH, shall we?

    Some rhetorical questions for you, if I may fine Sir:

    1) Is the COVID-19 virus visible to the naked human eye?

    2) Are the invisible COVID-19 viruses & variants passed thru airborne aerosol particles beyond 5-6 feet of distance?

    3) Are you a lifetime careered Epidemiologist, Virologist, Cytologist, Biologist, or Geneticist?

    4) Is fighting a biological war against invisible, viral, aerosol particles and winning by way of a global pandemic… best fought—and hopefully won—by weapons of words or defiant divisiveness? Check that, weapons of political rhetoric best fought or by using weapons of biological medicines/vaccines, that do indeed slow and defeat the invisible enemy called COVID-19 and its conscript variants? 🙂

    5) So you DO agree the best lethal weapon’s designs against COVID are scientific, NOT verbal pop-guns and blank-shots called “political rhetoric” and egocentric, individual liberties? Isn’t there some common, Universal moral, ethical value found in Public Health & Safety?


    Now, if I may, some indirect, implied rhetorical questions for you Sir:

    1) Do you believe School Speed Zones and Playground Recreational Park Speed Zones have exceptionally good reasons for being placed in those child areas?

    2) Do you have your own children Jo you want to keep as safe as possible… with the willing help of others in your community protecting ALL children?

    3) Are public speed limits very GOOD laws for everyone’s safety on roads & highways? Think about what carnage would increase and manifest if everyone in souped-up, high-speed Ferraris, Aston-Martins, and Monster-trucks sped wildly through YOUR neighborhood where children innocently played and gleefully ran around everywhere… unaware of the consequences of a 1-2 second different childish decision would make rather than in front of those wild “free” drivers. Or as you put it here in your blog-post, with my inserts:

    But really, you [race drivers] should be allowed to do what you want [no matter the consequences for others] and it shouldn’t matter what I think or what you do putting others of all ages at high risk].


    Now Jo, my good WordPress cyber-friend at the bottom of the Earth in S.A. with delightful German blood like myself, 🤭 you can indeed do whatever you wish, whether illegal or legal-ish, for your own self-interest or the virtuous Greater Good in the World, or put many others at risk of death or permanent health/medical damage for life and essentially live on your own island apart from other human contact, and the same for your beautiful family, BUT…

    wouldn’t you rather have a bigger positive impact on life and others while alive and healthy as a team-player rather than detracting from it and causing further PREMATURE deaths OR condoning, promoting, encouraging others to basically be self-centered Ferrari, Aston-Martin, or Monster-truck speed demons thru your neighborhood where your children play and your wife lives? To me personally, the latter scenario sounds eerily like America’s ugly 19th-century Wild Wild West of lawlessness, rampant killing & shooting, and degrees of genocide against Native American Indian tribes, or worse still unkind people who don’t give a shit about others/anyone besides “ME,” #1 and only #1 where the true meaning of community/village and frequent philanthropy are non-existent. I DO NOT wish to return to such a brutal time. 😉

    To conclude, there is indeed a moral and social precept that is Universal within us Homo sapiens, and that is doing our best to protect humanity’s basic Greater Goods and NOT being indifferent and ignorant of gradual extinction of our species. IOW, take care of each other because the alternative is far, FAR WORSE! I hope you’ll promote a slightly different narrative about this biological war we are not yet winning; the outcome is still undetermined! Join wholeheartedly the good guys Jo. Promote the CORRECT weapons of winning, not confusion, apathy, or more deaths. But of course, it’s still up to you at this point. 🙂

    Be well and safe my good Friend. 😉 ❤️

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