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Fundamental Joeyism

Youthful Exploits

I often wonder if I have really grown up? My parents always seemed so seriously adult. Now that I’m there, in terms of the passing of the decades at least, I wonder if I’m ever going to get there. I mean I do grown up stuff… like pay taxes… and eh… I have insurance… and *thinks* I put moisturizer on my increasingly canyon-esque frown line. Everything else sorta got stuck in juvenility though and never really progressed into the stern, seriousness that I was expecting at this age. I’m glad I have kids, ha ha, they are good camouflage, so at least I get to act out my puerile tendencies in a socially acceptable manner. Otherwise it would just be a regular ol’ ‘failure to launch’ type of scenario. Although I am not as pretty as Matthew McConaughey.

I built a tadpole… eh… (I spend some time considering whether it is an aquarium or a terrarium), enclosure with the five year old this weekend. I always caught tadpoles when I was ‘little’… and they always died. My parents never really showed any interest in my naturalist proclivities. I think the maximum involvement I got from my folks was handing me a mason-jar off the top shelf.

The fact that they went belly up after a couple of days was likely a relief for them.

Of course now that I’m older I know stuff. Like that tadpoles need to be fed (weirdly enough) and once they get their legs… they’ll need somewhere they can beach themselves. As you can see I’m quite enthusiastic about reliving my childhood… only better this time.

So once they start metamorphizing into froglets… we will start releasing them into the stream that runs through my garden. I think that’s a fair go. That stream eventually makes its way down to the river, where I imagine they can sing duets with Rupert the bear* (or whoever)… and do other froggy type stuff.

*this definitely belies my age.

We also Mason-jarred this little… I want to say dude… but I think its a girl.

Its a Eutricha capebsis. Or Cape lappet moth… which is quite a boring looking brown-job when its all grown up. But the transformation from this to that is quite educational… for the kids I mean… right?

… and then to round off the trifecta of… youthful exploits I built myself a table for my Lego. Which is now standing next to my workstation down in the basement. Trade forex, play Lego. This is the way.

I still have loads of track left… so I’ve been spit-balling an idea that I’m going to build some storage underneath… and then have another loop that runs below as a kinda subway for my city. But first I have to put everything else back together. Which is quite an undertaking, having been disassembled and boxed up for the move.

In other news I did some Free-diving this weekend. I’ve been in the pool most mornings now. I’m allowed to use the Aquatics center at the school until 9am, so I after I drop off the kids I go and swim laps for thirty minutes, trying to get my fitness up to some semblance of competent.

At the moment the ocean is a chilly 13C (55F). when we arrived there were a couple of people exiting the water in their neoprene with their spearguns… which gave me pause… since I was in boardshorts and booties. (On Sunday I added a weight belt and long fins)

In any event, without a wetsuit its cold enough to get you hyperventilating… but after about five minutes your teeth stop chattering and you acclimatize… well I suppose to the point where you eventually die from dropping your body temperature too low. But that’s a ways down the road.

I had mixed results in my debut performance. (since moving here). Both days I got rolled onto the rocks. Its a L shaped… rock pool I guess. Its nice because the kids can play in the first part, its a nice gentle rocky gradient into the deeper water. There is narrow channel at the end where you can transition from the ‘safe’ area into (depending on the tide) a more challenging area of ocean. There is a serious rip here that took me by surprise and I had to swim quite hard to clear the undertow… on my first day I got smashed by an incoming wave trying to get back in… I put my hand out to brace myself off the rocks and ended up sticking my palm into a Sea-Urchin… breaking off three spines in my hand.

‘Operated’ on myself when I got back to the beach and managed to get all the spines out without going completely Last of the Mohicans on myself. Although this has highlighted the need for a first aid kit that I can tuck into my dive bag. Just the basics. Band-aids, antiseptic, maybe a safety pin…

Sunday the water was even more ferocious and the visibility wasn’t great. After getting seriously churned and pummeled by the waves I decided maybe this was a little bit too dangerous for a solo effort and headed back to the breach. Got rolled onto more or less the same rock as the day before… ha ha… this time picking up a couple of cuts on my legs… and coming down on hard on my coccyx (which is still smarting).

The German Shepherd was unsympathetic to my ‘youthful’ exploits and/or injuries.

Hopefully this can become a regular weekend thing though. Despite my initial suckatude. I really have become far to sedentary of late and I really had fun. I’ve also been jonsing to get back on my bike… hopefully that will happen soon. I have people to impress with my tiny jumps and bunny hops. Instagram here I come. Ha ha.




  1. crustytuna


    This freediving business sounds terrifying. You need some diving buddies! You could DIE. Don’t die. I stopped kayaking because it’s one of those sports where it’s just a little too easy to die. Who would know what to do with the froglets if you die? I think the tadpole enclosure is *amazing*. I’ve never seen one in real life, and I did a degree in biology.. It will be so fun watching them grow! Also, adult-ness is a myth. If you really become one, well , you may as well be dead. It’s all about getting good at pretending you’re serious, then setting up the Lego and frog enclosure because it makes you happy. So, happy adulting!

    1. Jo


      I will not die. Well… I might. I intend not obviously. Although… its better than dying in some palliative care facility covered in bedsores and soiling yourself… eh… right?

      We are (statistically) about half way there now. Frightening

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