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Lies. And the vote.

Dear Progenies

I took kale out of the ‘rinse-before-use’ bag and dumped it straight into the wok. That’s how dangerous I am (these days). Do they aggressively1 spray pesticides on kale I wonder vaguely… or is that more for any creepy-crawlies that may have hitched a ride… in which case, maybe I should add an extra gram of protein to my tracking app (just to be safe)?

100 grams of cricket contains around 121 calories, 12.9 grams of protein, 5.5 grams of fat, and 5.1 grams of carbohydrates.

I think I’d struggle chewing my way through two kilograms of crickets though… to get to my maintenance-level of two thousand five hundred kcal. I’d probably have to blend them first.

[1] While I appreciate that they spray absolutely everything… but in my mind at least I’d like to be on the Lower control limit on the poison graph. Although, the actual data would probably horrify me to the point of never eating anything store-bought ever again. And I don’t think I’m ready for that level of commitment.

Today is… *thinks* Wōden’s day. Or Odin. Depending on your latitude. It was a holiday here on Monday (proclaimed so that we could all go dutifully cast our ballot and elect provincial and municipal overlords). Its mentally thrown me out of sync.

I have voted in every single election I’ve been allowed to participate in (since reaching the age where you are deemed to have enough savvy to make an informed decision about these sorts of things). I think I’ve voted center-left pretty much every single time. Mostly because there is no-true centrist party in South Africa… and everybody right of center (historically at least) was a tiki-torch wielding ethno-nationalist. Classical Liberalism or Libertarianism are cuss-words here, and mouthing off about meritocracy is likely to get you into trouble.

This time I was really torn. (The one-eyed all father not being on the approved list) I mean lets be honest, I hate everyone, but participation in democracy is about picking someone you hate the least, right? My old mainstay ticky-box, locally it does a decent enough job of running the municipality, but nationally it has become a malignant cronyism clusterfuck of a party. And it hurts me to vote for them.

Still, I am not completely apathetic to the whole process. Eventually I narrowed it down to a Surfer that was running as an independent (on a green, anti-capitalist platform) and a conservative whose party has rebranded itself, insofar as they have ditched their bed-sheets and crosses and are now (on the surface at least) espousing quite reasonable center right rhetoric. (I know, there is exactly zero ideological Venn overlap between these two choices)

Neither of my ‘preferred’ ward-candidates had a snowball-in-hell chance of winning. This is a deeply center-left enclave with the highest voter turnout in the country (usually in high seventy, low eighty percentiles). So much so that other political parties usually don’t even bother coming out this way.

I ended up casting my ballot for the conservative. In the end it felt less jokey than the Surfer. Although maybe if he had been a she, with a lithe form and a pretty smile I might have been swayed. Alas it was not to be2.

[2] I am an unashamed Tulsi Gabbard devotee and not above projecting my reveries onto others.

My conservative pick got 6.25% of the vote. And the independent got 0.8%. Ha ha. The incumbents got a staggering 89.1% The remaining 3.85% was shared out (more or less) among the anti-vax Christians and the ANC. I lose. Again. Tough to be me.

Pivoting from local politics. I thought this was a cool list.

Maybe cool is the wrong word. But it is a list.

I don’t really follow James Altucher with any semblance of… well… anything really. Other than I know vaguely what he’s about. Who has time to stay current with all the Guru’s of the world? I know he has crazy hair… which I regard as suspicious, being non-follicled I regard people with riotous curls with deep (genetic) cynicism. Still, this list seems legitimate. As lists go I mean. I command+shift+3’d it after all. (tell me you’re a Mac user, without telling me you’re a Mac user)

In any event, I hope you are well and playing nicely.

Godspeed and good luck.



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  1. tara caribou


    Don’t make me pick one on that list. It’s not possible. But I DID go on a tirade yesterday (?) on IG about money, so…. hhmmm but yeah, that’s not the biggest lie, I’d say.

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