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Omicron, and you’re welcome

Writing about the pandemic now, two years into it, God, has it really been so long, it feels… well, boring for one. Vaguely I wonder if people during the Second world war, those not affected directly by it, two years into it were like ‘Gosh, is this thing still going on, has Germany still not been defeated?’ Although maybe its more my perceptions of how long things should take that have changed, the fact that events can drag on despite my personal willingness to move beyond them. Ha. ‘Okay guys Jo says we’re done now, time to move on to the next disaster’. Those heady days of two weeks to flatten the curve, oh how cute they seem now.

So Omicron, first identified in South Africa. That’s not say it mutated its punk ass here, but we are only very few countries in the world that actively do (a lot) of Genome testing on our cases. A legacy of TB and HIV means our epidemiological infrastructure is really good (feels weird giving us props for anything) So we find stuff. We also found Beta… which turned out to be a bit ‘meh’, because Delta overshadowed it in… eh… transmissible-ness soon after.

Variants. They happen and are likely to continue happening. I mean likely for a whole bunch of reasons… some of which are just a viruses nature to be unhelpful cunts. I mean it might also be us helping things along by trying to half-heartedly and unevenly smash a vaccine into an active pandemic. To be completely honest in a full disclosure kinda way, I really like vaccines. What I don’t like is the really messed up way governments (around the world) went about it… and how the narrative is so absolutely and completely controlled by our leaders and their disseminators of ‘news’ for profit lapdogs.

If you ever want to see government bureaucracy obfuscation and misdirection watch the highlights reel of Rand Paul just eviscerating Anthony Fauci. (Or Fauci on CNN when asked about natural immunity, and just… wow, why are more Americans not asking, ‘really THIS is our top guy?’) Again to be completely transparent and underscore my (as far as I’m believe) centerism, I love Ron Paul, I am MUCH harder on Rand, even though he’s done some great stuff. (his filibuster was insane and worthy of praise), but he more often than not tows the conservative party line… for which… I understand why he has to do it, to survive politically, but yeah… it grinds me, because he could be so great.

Anyways, two years in. And really, things aren’t looking up for us (as a planet), massively stressed out, freedom (and democracy) have taken a big hit nearly everywhere, massive consolidation of power in the upper leadership caste (which will never ever relinquished), main stream media just obliterated as the currency of trust . Remember in the beginning there were some people who (heartlessly) said we should just let the virus run rampant, get it over and done, take the pain early on… let a metric fuck tonne of people die (horribly). I can’t be the only one thinking, maybe that would have been the better option. I mean twenty-twenty hindsight and all that. And really, how do you have any sort of judgement call like that, better to say we tried… and failed. And sorry.

I find it amazing that this Meme can reliably be used year after year…

Are we now staring down the barrel of forever-corona and the perma-wars of 1984? Remember the people we lambasted for positing this waaaaaay back when. I mean why are we surprised that this has turned into a clusterfuck? I think we have been indoctrinated by movies. The giant asteroid is hurtling towards earth, the government oversees a team of plucky neardowells and sends them into space in record time to divert our demise. Queue F16 flyover and roll end credits. How skewed has our reality become?

Somewhat amusingly (in a dark way) I note how quickly we have been excommunicated from the rest of the world. No flights in or out of Southern Africa… it only took a couple of hours. ‘Hey guys, check it out, we found this cool looking var…’. ‘Cut them off, cut them off’.

You guys know you can’t really stop the spread of variants right? This is from a sample from the beginning of November… and you know a month later chances are REALLY good you’ve got it already on whatever continent you’re on. But okay, travel bans ftw.

‘We’re just buying time to prepare our quarantine hotels and… eh… scare the living shit out of everyone, oh and masks are coming back in a big way.’

So the vaccines may…. or may not work against the new variant because of the heavy mutation of protein spike… and our vaccines quite narrow countermeasure for this. Or it might all be fine. Or we might have to go back to the drawing board and update our boosters…. which some people will not take…(or we will only give it to the rich countries) and the whole cycle starts again.

I mean I don’t really know what the solution is. And I’m scared to suggest anything… because eh… well you know how that works out. Which probably my main gripe. Why is spitballing ideas and talking about options such a taboo. That and why are we shooting messengers? Seriously, let that be lesson to any country who detects the next variant, just let it go…. let someone else discover it. We are certainly and most definitely not in this all together. And maybe, we don’t really deserve to survive.



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