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So I had this dream…

Wait, is this the one where you are marching across the veld at Magersfontein in your kilt to the sound of Scotland the Brave blaring on the bagpipes… and then you get shot and killed?

Eh… that was last week. THIS week the doctor diagnosed me with terminal brain cancer and gave me a month to live.

Well that’s depressing AF.

Actually, I woke up quite cheerful. I think I was impressed how I handled the circumstances of my impending demise. In my dream at least I was quite stoic about the entire endeavor. In real life I would likely be less so.

Also that’s two death-dreams in as many weeks.

Yeah… and also zero dreams that involved above average sized mammary glands being jiggled in the vicinity of my face. Which is the real tragedy here. I think I’ve crossed some sort of (nearly forty three) event horizon from which one cannot return, it really is all downhill from here (and my brain knows it).

For some reason, perhaps gripped by the sense that time was running out, I grabbed a photo album off the shelf when I woke up and perused when it was that I rode a bike for the first time without training wheels.

I have been super remiss in my duty when it comes to teaching my five year old how to ride her bike. Some might say negligent even. (her swimming is really good though)

Fortunately this milestone was captured for posterity and then dated. (Which was likely quite hi-tech for the time)

I don’t feel the need to annotate this pictures geographic location. Everything about it screams nineteen eighties (West) Germany. My Aunt and uncles place in Northern Bavaria

In any event this made me feel better about my circumstances. I still have a couple of months to transfer this skill-set on to the next generation (and save face).

I flip a page in the photo album.

My new upstairs bedroom. Resplendent in its… minimalism. But there is also a fair amount of street-cred in this photo.

This picture makes my wife laugh when I show it to her. In some ways, I haven’t really changed much at all… and weird how that particular style of clothing would be completely acceptable now… almost forty years later.

I still play with Lego. AND I still have my A-team action figures… although Murdock’s head fell off… but Hannibal, Face and BA are still in good nick. That and I upgraded my Doggy teddy bear for the real thing.

In any event. I am still alive, even though I have been slack with my blogging of late. The truth is… eh… well… I got a PS5.

Initially when the PS5’s came out I was hesitant to upgrade straight away since Cyberpunk was touted to work just fine on previous generation consoles. (What a grand lie that turned out to be) And then the chip-shortage and us moving homes and all the associated drama of renovating and Covid lockdowns etc. In any event… that misstep in consumerism has been recently remedied, at the opportunity cost of other endeavors, but I think I’m almost done now with the novelty binge and should be returning to my regular programming schedule shortly.

Which is either a good or bad thing. I mean I obviously choose to believe in the former. Ha ha.

I went to a Christmas market this morning and one of the old ladies (that markets of this type are permeated with) was selling cards. This is one of the ones I bought… I also bought Gin and Fig preserve… but this card made me smile…

… and is likely also good advice. Even if you are the only one who believes it. Also Alpacas ftw.

Have an awesome Christmas. Be good.



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