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Architectural terrorism

I imagine the world is split into two different groups of people. Those that look at Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia Basílica in Barcelona and are super impressed. And those that regard it as more akin to architectural terrorism than an endeavor worth pursuing. And never the two shall be reconciled in some sort of agreement.

I probably fall into the latter. Those that think its kinda gross. I don’t really like the Art Nouveau, modernist, organic look. Although, I suppose its more uniquely and specifically Gaudism. But then again, de gustibus non est disputandum, and I probably don’t have any. People who spend most of their day walking around barefoot and eating Nutella out of the jar really shouldn’t be trusted on anything important (especially on things as incontrovertible as taste).

“one of the most hideous buildings in the world.” – George Orwell

Still, there is one thing I really like about the Basílica.

In one corner of the church there is a remarkable… is carving the right designation I wonder vaguely. In any event, a monument of a kind, ‘dedicated’ to the anarchist, who unable to create works of beauty and wonder on his own will one day blow up the church (and maybe the world). A Dark Angel gives the anarchist a bomb (a mechanical apple) with which to effectuate his destruction.

This makes me smile.

Sardonically of course. Not because I would never advocate blowing anything up. Ever. But I like the story aspect of it all. Also I don’t really agree with the premise obviously.

I mean there are all manner of theories as to why this relief exists. Gaudi was a staunch (potentially insane) Catholic and Spain, during the time was going through serious political upheaval… with the godless anarchists and their… propensity for violence. (although more violent than the status quo is easily debatable). But certainly not like today’s fluffy armchair anarchists with their penchant for anarcho-prefixes, spontaneous order and strongly worded rants on Reddit.

And then there was also the ‘if we descend into chaos who will build the roads’ vibe going on and that only, committed codification can create colossal construction. I pat myself on the back of off-cuff alliteration.

I’m pretty sure anarchists can create. Things other than books, academic papers and mean tweets, he added after some thought.

Although I am sympathetic to their ideas. (There is waaaay more yellow in my black… I probably lean towards minarchism as something more achievable, in a realpolitik-broader appeal sense, although if we ever got there, and it was proven to work, I would likely take myself further off down the road and start advocating whatever I found there)

In any event. I thought this was cool. Even if the building (CLEARLY) is not 😉




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