Martian sunset

I think this picture is from Curiosity… and not from Insight in the Elysium Planitia as is widely being circulated on social media at the moment (and how we are now the first people to have seen a sunset on another planet).


Still, I think its a pretty cool photo.


Burn, burn…

I don’t really have a gripe with Veganism. For the most part I find it quite admirable and I appreciate people that try and live by a code, even if that code is not necessarily my code.

I use the term code quite loosely… since my code is more like ‘a set of guidelines’ (to paraphrase Captain Barbarossa, from Pirates of the Caribbean). I find people that have actual codes, that are non- negotiable, quite intriguing.


Where Veganism gets a little murky for me is when it is used as a building block in some form superiority argument. ‘I’m a better person because I’m a Vegan and my dietary requirements don’t kill the planet’.

I think what they mean to say is, ‘My dietary requirements kill the planet less‘.

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Trading rules

I believe self imposed trading rule-sets and methodology are very much personality dependent and that there is no generic one size fits all.  Trying to emulate someone else is often just smashing a square peg into a round hole.

While I hate definitions, in this case it is likely important as it ‘frames’ the rule-set.

I started out as a scalp* trader on a 5 minute chart in a bear market (which should likely be considered a form of masochism). I never ventured anywhere near the longer time frames, I had this puritan belief that 5 minute scalping was the only path and having cut my teeth here I was loathed to stray from what I knew (that the violence of the shorter time frames can become a comfort zone is quite weird)  


*literally it was the word ‘scalp’ that appealed to me. With an inflated sense of self, a (not always metaphorical) tomahawk in hand, this trading ideology was going to be my tactic come hell or high water. (of course this meant I got wrapped up my in my own dogma and ended up not being able to see the forest for the trees…) 

I consider myself more of a (well rounded) trader now, in so far as these sorts of wordy explanations matter. I now appreciate the longer time frames and my trades now vary from the infinitesimally short to (occasionally) multiple days in duration. My workspace however is still very boring. (I think on the shorter time frames oscillators are a mostly a waste of time) I use Bollinger bands, a 20 period moving average and at the bottom of the screen I have the MACD (with the default (12, 26, 9) settings. Yawn.

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Iron oh knee


Fidel Castro was not a snappy dresser. But I imagined he saved quite a lot of money during his lifetime sticking to olive drab fatigues. Personally I would have gone slightly darker. Those vinyl* black SS officer coats always impressed me. Likely totally impervious to spaghetti sauce and bits of sauerkraut that fall out of your hot-dog.

I’m one of those people that travels with a spare shirt in the car… since even at the venerable age of thirty nine, fork to food and fork to face is still… eh… a challenging enterprise.

* I have no idea if they actually were vinyl… but you know which ones I mean.

In all honesty… every year on this day I’m amazed that Black Friday is actually a thing… while at the same time being completely fascinated by it. I majored in Consumer psychology and finance. (basically I double majored in evil)

Anyways, be safe out there on this darkest of days… If you find yourself in a tussle over a flat screen tv… ask yourself WWFHD? What would Fidel have done? Okay… probably put his cigar out in that persons eye… maybe it would be better to channel someone else…

Damn Carpet


Diogenes used to live in a bathtub. One day a man gave him a carpet. A few days later Diogenes called the man to him again. “Please, take back your carpet.”

“But why, Master?” the man asked. “It is a wonderful carpet and I have given it to you with no strings attached.”

“My happiness was unconditioned by the carpet,” replied Diogenes. “And besides I don’t care to sweep it every day.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda 

[Jo] I really like that Diogenes has all these dogs in this painting. Dogs make me happy. I’m also glad that he’s covering his junk. I’m not entirely sure that was necessarily a given in ancient Greece. Its not that his nakedness would disturb me… Its more a health and safety concern and the fact that an exposed and gently swaying member might present a tempting target for a hungry canis, no matter how familiaris

I’ve realized my mind always gravitates towards the worst case scenario…