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Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it

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A grave situation

This sign amused me. Well… amused me enough to stop and take a picture. Also why you should get cremated. So your relatives don’t have to risk death by coming… Continue Reading


Shark watch

Took my wife to the airport earlier. She flew back to Jo’burg with the progenies. I drive back tomorrow with the canine creatures. On my way back I snapped this… Continue Reading


Indian Runner ducks

Gone are the days where we could choose vineyards based on purely on geographical aesthetics and the sensory experience of the wine on your palate as you pretend to be… Continue Reading


Yuletide tree

Joey returns victorious from the mountain with his quarry. Armed only with his wits… and the bluntest/rustiest saw (actually the only saw he could find) Joey braved the unkempt Fynbos… Continue Reading



In olden times (pre-1994), the 16th of December was a very serious day in South Africa. Probably the most serious day of the year. There was an evangelical preacher who… Continue Reading



What the hell is this dad? Do you want me to take a shell-fie with you and the tortoise? Okay… guess not.



My iPhone tried to commit suicide three hours into my fourteen hour (1000mi) road trip. I managed to bring it back from the dead. Sorta. I can, weirdly (with some… Continue Reading



In an act of supreme bourgeoisie fuckery I am blogging from the poolside on my iPad. It’s harder to type like this than I anticipated… so the act itself is… Continue Reading