As a neophyte stoic I fantasize about my own death quite regularly. Wait… does that sound morbid? I suppose it could also come across as suicidal. Really, I am none of those things, in fact, other than I think life is largely pointless I am quite a cheerful mf’er. I guess I just appreciate that the end point of life is death and I’d like my death to be done right. If possible. I mean I realize we often don’t get a say in these things. That’s why its important to prep (and consider) these things waaay in advance.


In any event. THIS… has now been added to list of possible end-game scenarios. Ha ha.

Rage level – expert


Ha ha. It took me years to reach this level of misanthropy. Kids these days seem to be on the fast track for everything. Also, how neat is this handwriting. And zero spelling mistakes. And one-speed is hyphenated. Hmmmm…


There’s a special place in hell for you guy! Faking pre-teen outrage and making me briefly cheerful. Know that I see through you and your attempt at viral.. ility.  Viral-ness? Viralpocalypse…

F you.

Black Russians

Not the drink. Which I think is vodka… and if memory serves, coffee liqueur. But don’t quote me on this. Also I’m too lazy to look it up.


Maybe it should be Black Ukrainians. Because… you know, they’re their own thing now.. having cast off the soviet yoke… and taking a stab at democracy…. but then getting kinda invaded again… but the free world was all like ‘meh’…

anyways I wanted to seem smart and edgy with my cocktail analogy. You know how it goes.

Apparently this not in any way, shape or form a satirical tweet. Which is… incredibly frightening.

Just wanted to let y’all know that your upbeat faith in humanity is incredibly misguided and that we are all DOOMED.

Here ends this public service announcement.

Also my naval lint is blue today.


Han Solo-ism


Basically…  I follow the political ideology of Han Solo (and Gandalf the grey)

Wait what? Those aren’t even real people…

My political beliefs are not under any obligation to make sense to you. Also, Han Solo loves dogs… and I love dogs…

Chewbacca is not a dog.

*Jo puts his fingers in his ears* LA LA LA LA LA LA LA… I can’t hear you.