Let me fix this for you CBSNews. Aaron Tucker skips job interview, takes shirt off his back to save car crash victim. 

Thats better.

I resist the urge to go off the deep end about this since I’ve already done my TL;DR post for the day. So let me just say, ‘Kudos to you Mr. Tucker’.

Can’t keep a (good) wyrm down


I don’t post a lot of cutesy feel good stuff… probably because it messes with the finely crafted misanthropic realm I prefer to dwell in, bereft of sunlight and optimism. (I should probably work on that at some point)

To be fair this panel is a little light on backstory. How exactly did this dragon loose his wings… was it putting some poor hapless village to the torch, or something more benign… like hotdogging through a canyon? Backstory matters to me, since it directly affects my ability to deploy empathy (like a caltrop)… it also gives me a chance to minimize my tabs and appear interested.

Years of D&D have to taught me one thing. Well… actually two things. The air in an enclosed spaced filled with boys rolling dice for twelve hours can get fairly rank. And Smaug getting taken out by a single black arrow is a little far fetched. #justsaying JRR Tolkien.

Good deeds rarely result in hotdogs

I gave a hitchhiker a lift this morning. A veritably rare occurrence. I was feeling magnanimous or maybe I mean altruistic. I’m not entirely sure what the difference is (and I’m too lazy to look it up). To be completely fair there were mitigating circumstances that allayed my usual reticence to convey these vagabonds of the freeway from point A to B…


… like my Glock*. And the fact that he looked old and wizened and didn’t (really) look like someone likely to be wearing my head as a hat (while sating his thirst with my internal lubricants) towards the midpoint of our journey.

*although it would have upset to me to have to paint the inside of my Jeep with the cerebral cortex of someone I’d just met (even if they were trying to stab me with a rusty screw-driver)

Our trip was eerily silent. Him not being able to speak English and my conversant Zulu (in terms of a franca lingua I mean, I don’t want to be presumptuous about his ethnicity) being limited to cuss words, insults and being able to tell someone to get down on the ground and put their hands on their head (while useful chasing cattle rustlers through the veld at 3am in the morning it is less useful in a more civil context)

In Fanagalo we managed (more-or-less) to determine an end point for him which was sorta on my way and once we’d reached it he simply disembarked, inclined his head slightly towards me and was on his way. I immediately felt a surge of Light-side points flowing into my character sheet. (god this feels so weird)


Of course because of my ‘good’ deed the rest of my day turned into a vicious clusterfuck of malaise and discombobulation and by three pee em my total contribution towards humanity was well back into negative figures. (which to be completely honest is a much more comfortable environment in which to dwell)

Which I realise is a bit defeatist. But being German you come to appreciate that long campaigns mostly end in defeat. Being Catholic, you appreciate that after defeat comes hell. Its one of those things. You are also precluded from dating Jewish girls. Ever.



I thought this was quite good and perhaps somewhat salient in today’s climate of perceiving enemies where there are actually none.