The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven not man’s

Mark Twain

In the eternal battle where one is forced to codify oneself as either one or the other, I am a committed dog-person. Hopefully that means we can still be cordial and civil to each other, if you bend the other way I mean…

I was fortunate enough have grown up with dogs and, up until recently, this has always meant either German or Belgian Shepherds. My wife however came with a Basset hound and so I have been forced to expand my horizons to include a broader scope of canis familiaris.

Apparently dogs have no souls. And are therefore excluded from heaven. If possible I would like to request a transfer (when the time comes for me to move on) to wherever they end up instead…

I should probably also mention that some posts are only vaguely dog related as they often get injected into some of my more rambling and ideological posts.


The healing prowess of the Basset hound – Personally I remain unconvinced.

I have become death – Destroyer of pine cones.

Bathtub Bushido – The noble art of… well… unceremoniously dragging them from under a bush and wrangling them into the bathtub.

German Shepherd – Literally 😀

Cannibalism – Among other things.

Pastry and lupus – Usually not served to together. Although maybe if bought from a street vendor.

Snacking – The consumption of bite-sized flying protein (with minimal effort)

The greatest of Danes – Not Ragnar. Nor Knud. Not Ulf or Bjorn.

Libertarian Art – Come standard with a GSD.

Dr. Dog – Timeless wisdom.

Photo Bombing – *jaws theme*

My two favorite Germans – Hanging out.

Drama (Queen) – Basset hounds are gross.

A statistical anomaly – I pitch a new series.

Take your German Shepherd to work day – This should be every day.

I got the dud – Seriously? How did you pass German Shepherd school?

Useless – The little people know things.

All dogs go to heaven right? – Apparently not.

Basset hound ownership – Here is your check list.

Furry nice – Outsourcing your commitments.

Kill the programmers. Save the world – The future is almost upon us.