Erratic Erudition

Erratic Erudition

The posts collected here tend to oscillate wildly in both temperament and girth. It’s obscure detritus that I thought was interesting (that I might one day be able to blurt out, with a bit of savoir faire to make it sound like I am more knowledgeable about the world than I really am).

Mostly quotes and passages from books I liked. All flotsam is usually inexpertly paired together with my own musings which will then underscore how stupid I really am.


Presence of mind – Flutes, bandits and tolerant neighbors. The hallmarks of a great anecdote.

The madness of Don Quixote – The best kind of the madness. If one was to rank them in order of preference.

Anonymity and the power of celebrity – As actors, it is our responsibility to read the newspapers, and then say what we read on television like it’s our own opinion – Team America

Promethean – An adjective to aspire to.

Architectural terrorism – Tick, tick, BOOM!

Taken – The supply and demand of dags is guided by the invisible lead