Erratic Erudition

Erratic Erudition

The posts here tend to oscillate wildly between ‘stuff’ I thought was interesting (and that I might be able to use in a social situation to sound more knowledgeable about the world than I really am), to miscellaneous detritus and highly personalized musings. Also quotes, passages from books I liked. And other flotsam.


Batesian Mimicry – Something about black on yellow…

The McRaven commencement speech – Probably good advice.

Survivorship Bias – Because I made it. So can you. Or something like that.

Exodus – Bible quotes.

The Intellectual – Hitch quote.

The Madness of Don Quixote – The best sort of madness.

Tilting at windmills – Very dangerous. Those windmills.

Lola – The Danish (neolithic) girl. Which is, as it turns out, nothing like the movie.

Arthropod agronomy – Fungi farming fervor. Alliterated for your pleasure.

I live, I die – Your commute is likely killing you. Maybe.

Tsundoku – Hey there’s a word for my particular psychosis.

No True Scotsman – would drink Bourbon.

Scarf pins – I remember checks. Vaguely.

Strategic AI – Passing and failing Turing tests.