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Fundamental Joeyism

Eye contact

Its starting to hurt less. So maybe I’m numb enough. I look down at my watch. I’d set myself a goal of fifteen minutes… its not quite that, and there is a couple coming down the incline that leads to the water… the tide is coming in and its less easy to get in an out. They have recently installed a stainless steel railing but ideally its should probably be either people entering or exiting. Not some sort of simultaneous exercise.

I’ve seen this couple before. She’s not super confident on the rocks, so I decide I might as well get out, climb up and then they can take their time getting in. Only they decide to start edging down before I’m at the top. So we meet about two thirds of the way up.

Its quite slick, but I move over to let them let them pass. She’s young, quite busty (lets go with that) and wearing a bikini low on square inch fabric. I have nowhere else to look, I suppose I could have stared at the sky or at my feet… in all honesty I was more interested in not falling than thinking about propriety. In any event she covers her breasts by putting a hand on her shoulder and shoots me a withering look as we pass each other.

I felt quite… misrepresented. Ha ha. And carry on with my ascent. But once I’m at the top toweling off it stings a little that I’ve been (unjustly in my opinion) typecast as this lecherous creep. I try to laugh it off, but really, I’m upset me that she feels slighted by something I didn’t do. (or if I did, was unwitting)

At home my wife gives me zero sympathy. ‘Dirty old man’, she says handing me my coffee. I don’t think she believes me. She is right about one thing though I am definitely getting old. Younger me would definitely have stolen a legitimate glance.

In any event, I knocked ten seconds of my splits this morning (from yesterday). And thirty seven seconds a kilometer off last weeks run. So there is definite improvement. My cold water immersion and breath holding is still garbage. BUT… in all honesty, I do feel better afterwards… there might be something to this whole norepinephrine-epinephrine-dopamine thing.

Its all in your head Joey.

As by magic, this meme appears on my reddit feed.

Ha ha.

I mean Murray (Rothbard) is probably right. Although I have a sneaky suspicion that this isn’t a direct quote.

He’s likely my third favorite economist. After Hayek and Von Mises. (everyone ranks their practitioners of the dismal science right?) Hm. Maybe forth. It gets harder to fill the slots after one and two. I mean shouldn’t the third row be saved for someone like Friedman… or Locke. I don’t know. Its might be an insoluble tier list.

(I suddenly have doubts to whether insoluble means what I think it means. But I think we’re okay.)

Tits aside. Kids are back at school. So I’m cheerful AF. How did my parents cope with six weeks of holiday tribulation? *thinks* Oh yeah they gave us bikes and suggested we be home before dark.

Parenting in the 80’s and early 90’s was so easy. There was no child trafficking… or weird dietary requirements (NO ONE was allergic to Gluten), Kelloggs Frosties was a healthy breakfast and industrial seed oil was good for you…

What a great time to be alive.



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