Libertarianism. Noun. Comes from the Latin, Libertas, meaning freedom. It got suffixed with -ism because all ideologies get an -ism and despite some reticence at being codified as such, it didn’t necessarily want to be left out.

Abdication of responsibility

I consider myself a libertarian, or depending on whether you want to get into the narcissism of small differences, a classical liberal. Broadly this means you are maligned by (almost) everyone. Especially other libertarians who want to argue the minutiae of every utterance you make about their cherished dogma and… (perhaps more importantly) like to point out where you have fallen short in your fervor for the cause or have varied from the sacred canon.

I find this both irksome and incredibly draining.

As with everything I write this is for my own edification and its not really meant for vigorous discourse and recrimination. You are however very welcome to poke around though should you so desire.

“Do Thou Great Liberty Inspire our Souls, — And make our Lives in Thy Possession happy, — Or, our Deaths glorious in Thy Just Defence.”

Cato, A tragedy. Act III, Scene VI 


The Gadsen – Run up the colors and rally to the banner. Drape me in yellow and mind where you step. A tour d’horizon of the hallowed standard.

The Price of Civilization – Civilization feels quite expensive. And its extremely unlikely you’ll ever be able to speak to a manager.

Mises versus Marx – This is a phenomenal production.

Put up your Dukes – Smart enough not to put the pigs in charge.

Putting down your Duke – Tastes like bacon. And also betrayal.

Defining oneself – Because you know, being slavishly tribal is an important checkbox in modernity.

Trial by combat – Also known as dispute resolution between consenting adults.

The world I want to live in – It probably doesn’t get more succinct than this.

Gandalfianism – Gandalf the Grey was a libertarian. True story.

the grinch – Communist icon?

Cows (with guns) – You’re welcome.

Gold. Gold. Gold. – We ALL know someone like this…

Avast ye scurvy migrant dogs – Welcome aboard me hearties.

Libertarian joke – Who says libertarians aren’t funny?

Nightwatchmen – Who watches the Nightwatchmen?

Devolution of economics – Keynesians suck.

Fun lovin’ Criminal – Santa is a libertarian.

Self Depreciation – If you can’t laugh at yourself…

Sneks. Very dangerous. You go first – Wise words from John Rhys-Davies.

We’re like uber for ambulances – This could work right?

Achtung Panzer! – The most important question, which one would I get?

The quadfecta – Its a real word.

Just your average libertarian – If only this wasn’t true.

Minimum wage – No libertarian list is complete without a minimum wage rant.

Future-proof yourself – Just looking out for the strippers. – Why isn’t this a thing?

Dick move – Sowellnomics.

Odyssean mechanics – McCloskey-isms

‘We don’t need no water…’ – Why no one ever burns great big stacks of USD.

Tastes like freedom – Or you know, KFC.

Military Keynesianism – Bombs, another innovative way we fund your healthcare.

Welcome to the suck kid – Life’s most important lesson.

Nudge nudge wink wink – Say no more.

Inverted yield curves – Chart hysteria.

Free stuff – Its not called bribery… its called… um… something else.

Pro- *insert noun here* – I’m pro-life. Pro-choice for everyone else.

Moegoes – The United nations. The ultimate suck.

Rarely – Gracie knows something about collective responsibility.

Love is love – Except when it wasn’t.

Skanks – None of your business. Apparently.

Sow in the slough – Empathy in decision making.

Blackface – Freedom trumps offence. Sorry.

Humanity – The fly in the ointment.

Suum cuique – Each to his own.

The narcissism of small differences – Classical liberal or libertarian?

Libertarian marketing – $4 for milk is theft!

Freedom – Wisdom from the dude!

Misconceptions – Libertarian lifeguards. And other misconceptions.

Feelings of dichotomy – This feels wrong.

Not your average Garden Noam – Chomskyism.

Marketing – When the state should get involved.

Not how we imagined it going – A whole lotta treading…

Centerism – The most derided of positions.

Refocus – Harold Ho. Fighting the good fight.

Madcap policy shift – Mushrooms.

Turnstiles – I have never jumped a turnstile.

The definition of hysteria – Spork. From not very useful to deadly weapon.

Han Solo-ism – Han Solo is a libertarian.

Hug a libertarian day – You know… if you can find one that isn’t gross.

The Ying and the Yang – UBI. Surprisingly I am skeptical.

People problems – What does one do with those annoying migrants?

The thin blue line – The militarization of the police.

Down with the Fed – All the way down.

Cato-nomics – No one who quotes Cato could be bad.

Dating a libertarian – Helpful hint.

George ought to help – This is great.

Stop the bus. I want to get off – An organization where everything is made up and the points don’t matter.

Smitten – Whine, whine, whine.

Collective punishment – Something I wish I’d known at school.

People that need to be punched in the face – Figuratively I mean.

High noon equivalency – Calling people out.

Zeno-ness – Zeno was a libertarian?

Walk the talk – Kitchen debates and more.

Green deal – Finally something I can get behind.

Political pathology – Time boggles the mind.

For REAL – Ain’t that the truth.

Hard left at the Starbucks – Mighty Heaton and Bragg awesomeness.

Democratic Debates (the rap) – Remy awesomeness.

A bridge too far – A political trolley problem.

Thanks for scrolling down all the way to the bottom. You’re pretty awesome.