My week in photos

My week in photos

A highly curated collection of photographs to make it seem like my life is more interesting and profound than it really is. Mostly snapped with an iPhone, because my DSLR has lots of buttons and most them elude me as to their function and/or purpose. Also I am resentful towards bulky things that require cartage and accessories.

As a disclaimer I offer that this might just end up being all pictures of my dogs and the vegetables and flowers in my garden, interspersed with the occasional progeny to infuse some humanity into it all. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.


12.2020 – Johannesburg

11.2020 – Johannesburg

10.2020 – Johannesburg

09.2020 – Johannesburg

08.2020 – Johannesburg

07.2020 – Johannesburg

06.2020 – Johannesburg

05.2020 – Johannesburg

04.2020 – Johannesburg

03.2020 – Johannesburg

02.2020 – Johannesburg

01.2020 – Cape Town/Johannesburg

52.2019 – Overburg

45.2019 – Drakensburg