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Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it

Cool Hunting

One night in Tokyo

As some sort of disclaimer I venture that I’m not really into Power Metal or… Euro dance. Which this is a total mashup of.

That SHOULD be a deal killer right off the bat, without really having to think about it, statistically skewing things towards me (probably) hating it. Only I didn’t hate it. In-fact, the opposite happened. (which has obviously opened to me up to a musical existential crisis, where I’ve started to question my core belief systems).

To be fair, everyone I’ve recommended this to has regarded me with deep suspicion afterwards, so this may be more eh… niche than usual? (lets go with that)

The antiquated animation style might have been the thing that initially got me piqued. It reminded me (in a very nostalgic way) of my childhood. Specifically the late eighties and early nineties where this style was ubiquitous, at least in the video games I played. Took me back to 16bit consoles, arcade game cabinets and Sierra ‘on-line’ titles.

I mean who does like a heavily pixelated love story?

Boy meets girl eh… slash exotic dancer, they’re involved in a nebulous gunfight. They kiss. Girl rides an Akira-esque motorcycle, with no helmet and likely the least appropriate attire (at least in a health and safety orbit) for aggressive overtaking (while her beau, riding pillion handles an energy beam weapon).

I mean these are timeless romance themes, how could I not be enthused? (Also, basically how I met my wife)

Okay, perhaps not entirely accurate. My wife is a CA(CPA), whose (exotic) dance moves are likely limited to head-banging, and (to my knowledge) cannot ride a motorcycle.

I did however learn she was pregnant with our first child while I was in Tokyo. And it was night-time.

Briefly very beardy Joey in Kabukichō (I think) getting the news from 13500km away

This song has made it onto my ‘running’ playlist in pole position. Which means its gotten a fair amount of playtime which has in-turn screwed up Spotify algorithm something fierce.

Its a small price to pay for something so epic I muse. And also the memories.




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